Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Button Moon

Following on from my last post (Dragon Bag)..  I wanted a button closure but didn't want it to look out of place.  Didn't really take long for a button moon to pop into my head - only problem: I didn't HAVE a button anything like a moon!  So I decided to have a pop a making my own..

Inspiration came from 2 of my blogger friends this time:

Nicola at Clasheen blogged about some gorgeous little brooches she was doing as a mini workshop.. I think these are so cool, she had so cleverly used tiny resists to create texture.. I could picture a moon with tiny craters. 

A while ago Heather blogged about a gorgeous felt & leather button that she had made.. I loved this button.  I decided to have a play and try making my own version... as a full moon.  I certainly ENJOYED myself making them.. and will make other buttons in the future.  As far as my bag goes though THANK GOODNESS for Sharri of Buttonalia; she is making me some moony buttons as I write this :)  I  am so excited to see what she comes up with - and I know its going to be a lot better than my moons lol.

I laid out a piece of 'textural' felt with loads of different silky bits; fabric, hankies, fibres, caps.  Mostly white but with some deep gold (naturally dyed) which is actually UNDER the silk hankies on this pic.. you can just make out a glow

I chickened out at the last minute from doing the tiny resists.. not sure why.  I felted it really hard.  When it was dry I cut circles and using the darning foot on my machine, freemotioned some 'craters' - they all look like grinning halloween skulls to me ...
Button backs - from the left:
* felt back with floss loop - this is the inner piece of felt
* leather back glued on
* leather back sewn on (just machine stitched around the edge through both felt layers plus the leather
* leather back sewn on first to the back felt layer in radiating circles to make it flatter then around the edge through all 3 layers

Pleased with how the loop turned out. 
I cut a hole in the leather disk and threaded the loop through before attaching it.

Glued on - not very happy with this one

Zig-zag stitched through all 3 layers just around the edge. 
This was ok.. but I wondered if attaching it more securely to the back layer of felt would make it stiffer.

bit creepy..
Stitching the leather & felt at intervals did make it feel STURDIER

Glad I played around with this though.. even if I'mnot planning to use them :)  it was interesting and different.  I would do things differently again next time (apart from using interesting and colourful felt.. HAND embroidery and maybe some beads.. I shall try handstitching the leather back on to see how that looks.

Next post will be the finished bag (I hope).. I VERY nearly finished it a few days ago.. then decided to change the way I was doing the handle. 


Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--You sure did an exhaustive study of the button-making process with these!! I love your loops but am not sure how you did them. Did you braid something to make the cord?
I like the craters, but can understand when something doesn't match your 'vision'. :)
I can't wait to see your finished bag!! XXO-

Unknown said...

Hi Deborah
Your textural felt looks silky soft and beautiful, i love the buttons i think you did a great job even with the funny face lol

FeltersJourney said...

Hi girls :) thanks for commenting on my latest madness lol

Heather, I took 5 or 6 stitches into the felt with the yarn coming over a pencil at the back to make even loops. Then wrapped the yarn around the base of the loops (as close to the felt as I could) to hold them together, put the needle down the INside of the wrap round stitches & took a small stitch across the other side of the felt then back UP through the wrap around stitches. Then I just button hole stitched around the loop to hold the strands together.

Hi Karen, I looked at loads of moon photos to get an idea of how to do the craters.. and just kept on seeing the man in the moon! In the end I just went with it.. I thought if I'd of done them as unconnected craters they would of just looked spotty.. oh well, doesn't matter - it was a learning curve :)

Ruthie Redden said...

Deborah I have loved seeing the process of your first button making, it's great to have a try at something new isn't it! Your dragon bag is looking wonderful, i look forward to seeing it finished x