Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dragon Bag

After my post on Tuesday.. and having caught up with the blogs I read - and finding inspiration there :)  I got down to experimenting, and playing with my new fibres (all merino in lovely deep wintery colours.. blue/black, blue/purple, deep red, juniper green, rich mustardy gold).

I have a range of Celtic inspired bags in my mind.. they have been there for a while, but I finally started sketching a couple of weeks ago.  Actually visiting Glastonbury got me moving with them..  Well one of the bags is a Dragon Bag, what I couldnt decide with this one is what SHAPE the bag should be.

Reading Heathers blog on Tuesday.. in particular the Green Bag posts it clicked into place.  SO, very much inspired by Heathers beautiful bag, I set to work.  It was a dark, miserable day and I had the light on all day while I was working.. I did take photos and am really pleased that they are OK to post. 

Resists for integral pockets. You can't see it, but the first thing I did was lay whisps of mustard coloured fibre where the pockets would be, so I now where to cut the resists out when its felted.

Mixed colours on the back.  I had a couple of layers of solid blue/black beneeth the colours.. I like the way it mutes the colours and brings them together.

Wetted the fibres on the front before putting the dragon on.  I had cut the body and wing shapes from acid green silk chiffon and laid this down first, then whisps of green merino, finished with pistachio green tussah silk fibre.

Removing the pocket resists part way through

Felted.  You can sort of see the resist behind it.. its shrunk by 1/3
 - which is what I expected as it was laid out pretty thickly

Next day I started pinning and sewing decorative ridges to emphasis the shape of the bag

I used my darning foot to freemotion around the dragon.
I had debated whether to machine or hand stitch around him.. went with the machine because I like the extra dimension it gives felt.  Didn't turn out quite the effect I wanted though..

So I am hand stitching OVER the machine stitching.. the felt is still pulled in by the machine stitch, the hand stitching is hopefully adding a little more definition.

I haven't finished the bag yet, so I'm breaking it down into 3 posts.. next time I'll show you the button I made today :)


martine said...

Hi this is so lovely. the dragon stands out so vividly when you have outlined him.
thanks for sharing

krex said...

Big fan of dragons and this looks great .

Unknown said...

Cant wait to see it finished Deborah, think its going to be gorgeous :)

Heather Woollove said...

It's fabulous, Deborah!! You draw so well and I always admire(envy?) your skill when you do these representational pieces with cave paintings or seascapes...or now, your dragon!! XXO--0

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you all, you've got me smiling :)

Bless you Heather.. I think you are being too kind there :)


Charlotte said...

He is utterly beautiful on a lovely bag. I really like the effect you have got from laying down so thickly.
I get into all sorts of trouble with resists and laying out for wet rolling; holes anyone.

Ali said...

Love your dragon Deborah its so organic and magical. The bag colours are rich and fab too.
The word verification is glywor..sounds like a dragon name!

Tracy Markey said...

wow! loving this already, can't wait to see the finished bag in all it's glory :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Charlotte, Ali & Tracey :) Lovely to hear from you all xxx

Annie and Lyn said...

Love the colours and the dragon is superb - looking forward to seeing the finished bag.