Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Highs and lows

I've had a couple of really productive weeks.. worked on some custom orders, some new designs, some bits n bobs for a Christmas fayre Im doing this weekend...  and then WHAM  today I'm feeling totally lost.  Demotivated.  I really dont know what to do - and I know I can't afford to waste a day.  Grrrrrr

Instead of moaning I'm going to post some pics of a few of my makes :)

These are my custom orders.. all either at their new home or on their way now..

Custom coasters.. part way through (love these colours)

parallel stitch lines border
I had to rush to get the coasters shipped & didn't get chance to photograph them all finished.
Remember these? 
I posted pics of them part way done.. here they are all finished & ready to go

I played with textures on this one.. curly locks, silk caps, nuno silk chiffon (vintage sari), slubby woolen yarn and MASSES of sari silk fibre inside
And new designs..

Black, grey & a little white merino with LOTS of extras.. bleeched flax fibre (linen) silk laps, throwsters waste on one side and curly BFL locks on the other

Big and snuggly

I fancied a substantial fring on these.. so I felted 14 cords, leaving the fibres fluffy at one end & incorporating them in at layout stage
And a bit more colourful & glitzy

I added some strips of synthetic fabrics to this one.. this silver is torn from a vintage (prob 70s) disco type top - not mine :)  Its a very solt & slinky mesh-like fabric.. it felted in well & is much more silvery in real life than on the pics..it's still really soft to the touch too (thank goodness).  Lots of multicoloured firestar fibre blended in on this side too.

More felted cord fringing :) 16 this time.  I love the teal with the purples

This is the lighter, plumier side.. nice bright sari-sil ribbons and irridescent synthetic organza (it changes from midnight blue to copper depending on the light)
There you go.. now I'm feeling better :)  And as a bonus my latest fibre order just arrived.. Wingham have a nice range of non-standard merino at the moment and they are LOVELY.

OK, I'm off to play  xxx


Terriea Kwong said...

Wow, very productive. Love the color purple/pink, grey/white. Texture of the coaster are great. Weather starts to cool now. Enjoy felting.

Heather Woollove said...

Demotivated? I'd say EXHAUSTED after all of that amazing work!!! XXO-

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Terrie - yes its very cool and misty here the last few days x

Heather, your green bag post really inspired me this morning! I had a bag design rolling round my head for a couple of weeks, seeing your gorgeous green bag it all just clicked (I'm going to play with decorative stitched seams) - I ended up having a lovely day felting with my new fibres :) x

Unknown said...

Awww glad you made it through your de-funk Deborah, nothing worse than feeling that way is there, all your creations are so beautiful and i'm looking forward to seeing your new bag :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Karen, I'm half way through & so far so good.. x

Tracy Markey said...

goodness me that's a lot of amazing work! no wonder you were feeling a little out of sorts.

it's really frustrating when you get hit with a wave of demotivation (especially when there's so much to do) but i try to tell myself that it's my body's way of letting me know it needs to rest a bit.

hope you're feeling refreshed and raring to go again :)x

FeltersJourney said...

Heather, Tracey - I think you were both right.. I think I was just TIRED! After a week of tinkering I'm feeling much better :)