Saturday, 21 January 2012

January.. the month of many birthdays!

The birthday run down for January; dads is the 9th, sons the 15th, nephew 19th, mother-in-law 24th, husband 30th & brother-in-law 31st.. its a busy month.  And of course I have been making gifts.. not for everybody.. but I crocheted a couple of hats for my mum-in-law and felted slippers for my dad..

Its my lovely husbands 40th birthday.. I didn't really know what to give or make for him.. but I thought long and hard and came up with a couple of ideas.  This is the more sensible pressie I've made :D 

Whenever I get into my hubbys car after work, I have to move an armful of paperwork off the passenger seat first. Soooo I decided to make him a nice felted wallet / folder to keep it all nice and tidy.  I didnt want it to be boring, or silly either (can't have him embarrased if his boss needs a lift now can I?!) 

SO, I decided to make it nice and bright, and decorated with our handprints..

Decided on 3 nice colours that went well with the base batts & made prefelts

Stupidly I was suprised at our handprints..
wasn't it just last year that the kids hands were half the size of mine?
Which is which?
 As all of our hands are pretty much adult sized now I decided to felt them in so that they shrunk down with the felt - I think they would of dominated it too much otherwise.

Some of my favourite slubby red yarn wound around the hands. 
All wetted out & ready to go

Felted nice and hard to withstand wear and tear

Look how tiny my handprint is now .. its like a 8 year olds! lol

Trimmed the 2 long edges and machine stitched (twice) up each side

Secret messages freemotion machine embroidered on the inside cuff..

where nobody else will see them.

Finished with a vintage button from a button tin Gary gave to me..
the colour is perfect for picking up the duckegg handprints
 I made the buttonhole on my sewing machine.

Finished.. hope he likes it
I have also made a very silly present too.. but I think I shall save that for next time :)


Patty Biermans said...

If he is not very happy with it..... You should consider another gift :)))) hugzz...peebee

Karen said...

Awwww Deborah now that is just Gorgeous and i'm sure it will become a keepsake. How can he not love such a thoughtful and very clever prezzy . Lucky Hubby lol xo

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--I adore this project!!
I have a quilt that I started nearly 20 years ago with our hand prints on it and I just cannot seem to ever get back to it to finish it. Maybe what I need to do is to make a felted handprint
'something' like you did! Excellent idea...he will love it!!!!!!! XXO-

Terrie said...

So sweet folder with your "helping hands" ! The handprints are so fine and nice. Love the color combinationa and the yarn is icing on the cake. What's more is the secret words "I love You" ! Enjoy the birthday month with loved ones.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you girls for your lovely comments :) I shall let you know what he says (I think he will like it - fingers crossed).

Heather I bet your girls handprints on that quilt seem tiny now!


narkeymarkey said...

what a lovely idea for a gift :) fab colour combinations too.