Friday, 27 January 2012

A very SILLY present :)

As mentioned in the last post, my husband is rapidly approaching his 40th birthday, just 2 days left to go.  Presents were needed - I thought long and hard and came up with the handprint project I showed you last time.. but I wanted to make something FUN too.. something a bit silly. 

One thing with Gary - he likes his hair neat.. short, and neat.  As soon as it starts getting long enough to curl, or stick up.. it must be cut.  SO, I decided to make him a hat :D  a big.. mad.. HAIRY hat.

Scoured locks laid tips down,
 this is a shetland/jacob cross fleece
 I used the resist I normally use for berets (not the oversized ones, the more fitted type).  Laid the locks to cover it the added merino tops to cover the locks.
Nice brown and tan merino, layer 1

Layer 2 radiating out from the centre
 And somehow I seem to of either forgotten to take the photos of the next stages, or deleted them from the camera!  I flipped it over folded the edges in and laid the locks & merino in the same way on this side.  Then felted it the same as any other resist project.

In hindsight the beret resist was still a bit too big.. I had to work the thing so much that it actually became more of a HELMET than a hat :)

Well its certainly silly - bordering on MAD I think lol
My sister-in-law is hoping that he will wear it to the restaurant when we all meet on the night - not very likely.  Actually, fun though it was to make, I can not imagine Gary wearing this in public unless he is going to a fancy dress party as Dennis the Menace, or Sideshow Bob.  I'm just looking forward to the fun we shall have when he opens it :) and seeing him with big hair.

Today I have been baking madeira sponge cake.. which I shall be sneakily icing and decorating over the weekend.  OMG I have just realised - I dont have Monday to work on it - Gary has booked his birthday off of work - YIKES...  I am going to have to work hard and fast while he is golfing on Sunday!



Els said...

Uhhhhm ... sorry ... I think I wouldn't DARE to wear that hat/helmet (unless probably I was featuring in some "ice-age" play ...)
Ha, but I truely love the black-and-tan colours of the other side !

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Els, I would be mortified if he DID wear it out to be honest :) (unless for a fancy dress party).

This is just me being silly.. I'm looking forward to seeing his face when he opens it.. and seeing it on in the privacy of our home lol.

narkeymarkey said...

i LOVE this hat! it looks so warm and snuggy. wildly woolly should be this season's look :)x

Karen said...

Deborah thats so much fun, i bet he gets a huge kick out of it :)

Ali said...

How fantastic!! Hope you all have a great day..watching your husband open...and wear his present in private! I love the handprint pouch present too what a fab personalised idea..a cool family reminder on the car seat!
Ali x

Clare Atfield said...

That looks hilarious - perhaps Einstein would be jealous!

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Tracey, Karen & Ali :) Thanks for your comments.. I think he will laugh his socks off too.
Clare you look very glam on your new photo! I think Einstein WOULD be jealous he-he (wonder whether he secretly wore a big wooly helmet too lol)

krex said...

I think it's great and would be very popular with a certain crowd (hair club for cavemen ?)

Annie and Lyn said...

We think the hat is great!

But the sensible hand-print presi will be appreciated - it really is a gift from the heart and very attractive.