Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Time flies!

And once again its been ages since I blogged - I really must get back into the habit!

Before Christmas, I went with my friend Brenda into Birmingham to visit the German Market.. a huge Christmas market that is there each year for the month or so leading up to Christmas.  We had a lovely time and spotted lots of lovely things.. the best treats of course were the real handmade /artisan made stalls.  There was an Egyptian potter with exquisite wares, a stall with hand knit socks (that looked soooo warm and snuggly) and hand woven scarves in camel, mohair and yak, both of whom we had a good chat with.  A stall selling the work of several local Birmingham artists which was very nice to see, and the glassblowers from the Jinney Ring were there too (also local to me)  I hope that they all did well. 

There was also quite a bit of felt.. but that was a bit of a downer to be honest, from what I saw all of it looked to be cheaply brought imports being sold on still at too-low prices.  It makes me sad and irritated at the same time; sad when I think of how little the makers will of been paid for their hard work (must be pitifully little seeing what the end sellers are asking) which makes me irritated at exploitation, and then also irritated at how this practice devalues felt!  Not good!!

We also visited an exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - Lost in Lace.  Quite an interesting take on 'lace', there were pieces there that I really am not too sure quite how they relate to or were inspired by lace.. but there were also some stunning pieces.  Anyone who finds themself in the vicinity its worth taking a look - especially as its free entry!  Very glad to say photography is allowed so here are a few pics I took..

My favourite.. I found this intriguing.
Entitled ' After the Dream'
These wedding dresses are really tall & behind an intricately woven spiders web created from string, which must of taken forever to create!
It reminds me of old, crackled photos..
Stunning HUGE chandalier created from 600 swarovski crystals..
I can't even imagine how difficult this installation was!

Beatiful Panel with walkthrough archway created in needlelace.
You can just see the 'flying carpet' behind it

This is the first thing we saw.. beautiful, peaceful and so graceful
These columns are suspended, and they just keep on going up and up!


Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--This exhibit reminds me of one I saw several years ago:
I especially love the photo you took of the dresses. It looks like something Edward Gorey would have drawn! XXO-

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Heather :) I had to google Edward Gorey as I wasnt familiar.. theres something almost Tim Burton-esque about his work I think. You are absolutely right about the photo looking like something he would of drawn.

Your Lace in Translation trip photos are lovely.. nice that some pieces could be outside. There was a piece outside the museum here but it was heavy industrial looking cables.


Annie and Lyn said...

Thank you for sharing these photos. Those pieces must have been jaw-dropping to see!

Tracy Markey said...

lucky you! i had been hoping to come down to see this exhibition but never quite made it so thanks for sharing your great pics.

thanks heather for the tip on edward gorey, i'd never seen his work before and really like his style of drawing :)