Thursday, 29 November 2012

Revisited and Revamped #2

Do you remember my Dragon bag?  I felted it this time last year.. 

from last year
.. and though I was very happy with the shape and style I was never satisfied with the closure!  So a couple of weeks ago it got a make-over :)

Luckily I knew just which shades of fibre I had used... and still have some.  So, I made a matching piece of felt and cut an asymmetrical flap from it.. then decided the top of the bag was a little floppy for my liking and cut a band from the new felt to sew around the inside of the bag, from one edge of the flap to the other edge of the flap.  

I repositioned the ceramic moon button
The flap is hand stitched to the inside of the bag.. Then all round the top (including the join of bag top to flap) I blanket stitched with teal silk thread.

The panel and flap, now that they are in place have made a nice sturdy opening - no more flopping about!

The gold marks show where the integral pockets are..
The reinforcing panel blends in well (the label is stitched to it)
 To close the long tendril wraps around the moon..

I'm really happy with it now.. I like the quirky fastening of wrapping a cord around the moon :)  Its quite secure too, 'specially if wrapped round a couple of times.

So far the only other pieces in the 'redo' basket that I have worked on are pieces of jewellery.. and I haven't photographed them..  it's a work in progress that I can just dip into as and when I get the time.

Right now as I am finishing typing this post I am looking at a glorious winter sunset through the woods.. I love winter sunrise and sunset!  Now I am off to cook a beef stew for dinner yum


Ginny Huber said...

A very inspiring remake! I have found that "redos" can be successful but not all turn out as well as this one! And delightful to see the cord around the moon.

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--This looks fantastic! Closures are often my bugaboo, as well...grrr. Now it's nice and secure and you may happily (finally) use it! XO-

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :)

Glad you like the closure Ginny :) It's a relief to finally be happy with some things that I just wasn't quite before.. xx

Heather your bags are always amazing! This ones not a keeper though.. I've put it in my shop (theres only so many bags I can use and my bag rack is pretty full :) xx

Jeany said...

Hi Deborah, I just found your blog, and I admire you and love the things you make, you're a inspitation for me. Thanks, best wishes from Janine , germany.

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Janine, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment :)