Sunday, 9 December 2012

Reduce.. Reuse.. Recycle..

Something I am constantly trying to do!  One thing that I do is recycle old boxes for packaging my slippers and boots (and hats).  I don't just reuse them though.. I make them strong and beautiful in the hopes that the people who receive them will use them as storage boxes, rather than throw them away.

I have been collecting shoe and boot boxes (and anything else which can be adapted) for a while now.. thank you for saving them folks :)  And I certainly know that Kelly was interested in just what I do with them.    I have been rather rubbish at keeping up with my bog lately, but I did take lots of photos after my last big box busting session..  I use old books, magazines, even ordinance survey maps - some belonged to my kids others were being thrown out by a local library most of the time they are damaged or scribbed in..  I would feel guilty ripping up books that were in good condition.. the ones I use are usually a bit nackered in one way or another.

Bad light when I took these so the colours aren't great
 The red square box with a picture of scissors holds the Halloween cauldron I felted a couple of months ago.. the paper is from a really weird kids picture book of modern fables, I just loved the quirky art in it, and it was perfect for a Halloween box :)  The square box at the top left holds my mum-in-laws Christmas hat, she was born and raised in Cornwall.. the paper I covered it with is from old magazines and all relates to Cornwall in Victorian times.

The next box was a lovely size for a pair of tall boots.. I covered it with pages from an old nature encyclopaedia (from the 60s/70s)

 It 'flapped over' to close.. as I wanted it to stay shut I tied it with sari yarn..  I just loved this box!  

Its on its way to Tasmania now - first time I have sent anything there :)    This is what was inside the box

I always send care information, a short explanation of how I made the felt with a tuft of the fibre used, a personal handwritten note & business card (how I adore my mini moo cards).

All tied up with sari yarn
 Just after I had covered all these boxes, I sold my Faerie slippers to a lovely lady in Canada.. and I didn't have a fairy-ish box to send them in..  I had a spare evening and decided to spend it 'playing'.

Took these at night so the lighting is not good

I didn't have any fairy tale books to use.. but I did have a very beaten up Enid Blyton story book.  It is far to damaged to pass on to anyone, but even though it's only black and white the illustrations are gentle and charming.

Tea staining the pages to 'age' them
Glued on they look rather smart I think.
I coated the box with PVA glue to seal it nicely.

Ready to go
The lady who brought these has emailed to say how much she loves them, which always makes me so happy to hear.  A few days later she emailed to tell me that they are gonna be on Canadian TV!  She was interviewed by her local TV station about online shopping.. she showed them the faerie slippers and their box and they filmed her putting them under the Christmas tree - How cool is that?!  I'm going to try to view it online, but for anybody who is interested and receives the channel it is going to air on Tue 11th Dec - on CTV Edmonton Local news in the consumer watch section.  I am quite excited to be honest.. hope I can find it online.

Anyhoo.. things to do.  Hope you are all enjoying the run up to Christmas


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea :)
I've covered a few boxes with paper and tissue paper in the past but they never looked this good. They all look really nice.
That's really exciting about the slippers being on tv! :)

Heather Woollove said...

How thrilling!! Send the link if you find it online, will you?!? I can see why you get rave reviews from your customers! What special boxes you make!!! Oh, you have the best ideas, Deborah!!
Lovely, lovely, lovely!! XO-

Jeany said...

What a great idea, I make lots off boxes, kartonnage, sooooo, loveeeeee boxes. But this is a super great idea, ande the shoes you made, a realy wonderful and great gift, to get!! Have a great sunday. Best wishes from Janine.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you girls :)

I have found the TV channel on-line and THINK I know where I will find a link after its aired.. will keep you posted :)


Terriea Kwong said...

Deborah, you're so thoughtful and great idea to do the upcycle. All boxes look very pretty with the new coat. Your honour to have the shoes filmed and aired. Excited to view it also.