Sunday, 16 December 2012

Not quite enough to pull Santa's slay..

I've been felting seamless Reindeers.. I made 4 teacosies and had a request for a bigger one turned into a doorstopper.  At one point I looked up from my work and saw this line up..
Only one has his face embroidered on..
Which really made me smile.. I just needed a felted slay behind them and they could of been my Christmas card picture :)  Here's a quick glimpse at how I made them:

The first things that I made were the antlers and tail.. to keep the fluffy ends dry while I was felting them I tightly wrapped them in cling film / plastic wrap.  I rooted them in between the fourth and fifth fibre layers.

After cutting out a reindeer shaped resist from foam floor underlay I covered it with several layers of white Norwegian wool fibre
The first 2 layers.
Who would guess that under this big fluffly mound 
of white fibre is a reindeer shape :)
The fifth and sixth layers are coloured merino.. browns to draw the reindeer shape.. fifth layer was green around the bottom.

On the sixth layer I covered the green with white merino and scattered some linen fibres

I use thin plastic to stop the antlers completely felting to the head (I only want the fluffly roots felting in)

Part way through.  This is pretty much felted, you can see the white fibres have crept though the colour & the green has crept through the white (reminds me of grass peeking through snow).  I use my ridged rolling stick to really harden the felt.

After drying him stuffed with tea towels to keep his shape, I stuff the head with wool fibre - and sew a patch over the neck on the tea cosy reindeer to stop the stuffing falling out :) then embroider the face on

Now they all have their faces :)
The one in the middle is a tea cosy, the others are door stoppers.  I only needed to make one door stop, but the first (on the right) didn't quite turn out as I wanted - I used all merino fibre and the white didn't creep through to make the reindeer heathery so I made the second one to be sure it had the finish that my customer liked.  

The doorstops have weighted packs with leather bases sewn into the bottom

An update on my slippers TV appearance..  I did manage to find the report on the internet but unfortunately they hadn't used that footage  :(  The lovely lady with the Faerie slippers had been interviewed for an hour or so on different aspects of internet shopping and they used the bit that fit their story.. never mind.  The main thing is how happy that my lady is to of mentioned them in the first place! 

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm meeting a friend for lunch, then going to the cinema (to see the Hobbit) and having dinner with Gary and the kids.. should be a lovely day.



Charlotte said...

Have fun at the Hobbit, we liked it.
The reindeer are gorgeous.


A very Happy Birthday for tomorrow Deborah... And I just love those reindeers! Gill x

Faserträume said...

Great idea! They are wonderful!

talvi said...

Its great job,especially I like pictures wheh slay is in dry proces, beatifull colors and looks like real pain picture
With conming Happy Birthday you!!!

Zed said...

They're really cool! :)

Deb at Merciful Hearts Farm said...

Amazing - and thank you so much for sharing such a thorough tutorial. You are wonderfully gifted!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my reindeer herd :) and for your kind birthday wishes - they all made me smile!


Ginny Huber said...

A little late here..but I really like those reindeer in all their forms!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Ginny :)

Terrie said...

VERY VERY lovely reindeers. Thanks for the sharing of tutorial. So clear to follow. They're soooo sweet.

Lyn said...

Prettiest herd of reindeer ever!

Janine said...

OMG Deborah, this is great, thanks for explaining!! I love tea, so I love teacossies, ore doorstops ore... just reindeers, thank you!!!!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Lyn & Janine - you are so sweet!

Jackie said...

I've had a good root through your blog and love the hats but I adore these reeindeer. I'm such a bog-standard felter and its grat to see all the different ways you have achieved your shapes. So talented.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Jackie :) But there is nothing bog standard about your felting, your work is amazing!