Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wishing you..

Wishing you all
a wonderful Christmas &
a peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2013!

Origami star
I found a tutorial for this origami star over on Pinterest and couldn't resist making one.  It was easy.. up to the point where your fit all the pieces together... that is definitely the tricky part!  I couldn't close mine up any more than this so cheated by filling the hole with coloured paper ;)  This link should take you to the tutorial and you can see how the stars are supposed to look.  The tutorial is written in Norwegian translated by google, but the pictures speak for themselves..

I also found a tutorial for some really cute paper roses for gift-wrapping.. I made two and they were wonderfully easy and looked lovely - but I totally forgot to take a photo of mine, here is the tutorial link..  this one is all in pictures - go take a peek they are lovely and sooo easy.

That's it from me 'till after the Big Day  xx


Terrie said...

Origami is fun and amazing. The star is so nice. Wanna to try. Wish you a festive season with fun and love.

Janine said...

a bit lait, but I hope you had a great christmas time? Wishing a great and happy new year!! Best wishes from Janine

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you :) we have had a lovely time - hope you have too!