Monday, 4 February 2013

Hobbit hat #2

aaargh where is the time going?!  I truly intend to blog more often this year.. but time keeps on running away!

In my last post I showed you my first 'Hobbit hat'.. it was a definite trial and error learning curve, though I'm please with how it turned out and best of all it's a keeper :)  I was determined to keep going till I figured out the resist shape needed.. I finally got the resist right on my third try.  This post follows the second hat and I'll post about the third tomorrow.

 Hat #2 was very similar to the first one; same colours and design inspiration.. but I added lots of tussah silk fibre to the outside.  I also worked it the same way - inside out (unlike the third hat!).  

Here it is in pictures:

The first hat on its' resist.. note the shrinkage

Made a new resist - this time with the flaps on.
Laid outer design directly onto the resist
then scattered tufts of tussah silk ontop

Covered it all with merino layers

Added pieces of sari silk ontop of the final fibre layer
(lightly veiling the cut edges, frayed /torn edges tend to felt in well without veiling).
I decided to go for a mosaic of 3 different silk sari fabrics for this one

Hat #1 (left)  and #2 newly removed from resist.. I roughly cut it into shape
and carried on working it till it was firmer

I had made a paper templat of the shape I wanted the hat to be..
using tailors chalk I marked the cutting lines on the felt

I find this very useful as it marks well even on damp felt
I 'healed' the cut edges and worked it for another couple of hours so it was lovely and firm

left to dry on the hat block.
I start off with pins holding the flap up but take them out as soon as possible
so they don't leave indentations in the felt

Finished :)
The earflaps are more'Bofur-ish' now.. handing down rather than curling back up

PERFECT in snowy weather!
And while I was working on this Amber and Jess were having a grand old time..

Rolling and playing in the snow :)
Jess (the black one)  was on a mission to eat as much as she possibly could
Funny little rascals


Janine said...

First... I loveeeeee your dogs, still snowing at your place? Here, rain again..... Jykes.

The second hat, looks quit funny, love the way the edges at the ears are, can't wait until tommorrow, looking at the 3 one ;)) thank you again for showing and explanning it so good!! Fits you very well the hats ;)) lots off greetings from me, Janine!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Janine :) I will be sure to post it!

Nope, no snow at the moment it all melted a week back and we have had a dry week.. the weather forecast says we may get more tomorrow though..

Felting Sunshine said...

squeeeee! Love, love, love the hat!!

The shape is PERFECT, and you look so cute wearing it. :)

Those pups look like they are enjoying the fluff!

FeltersJourney said...

:D Thanks Kelly
The snow was great fun for the dogs :) We all had a lot of fun in it to be honest (though I got fed up of digging the road out and my wrist is still sore from it). It was deep enough that people were snowboarding down our local hills.. first time I've know that to happen

Алевтина Калинина said...

Cool hats :)I like colours and design in general. And i'm in love with your dogs, so cute!!!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Alevtina :)