Monday, 4 February 2013

Hobbit hat #3

As promised.. Hobbit hat #3

I worked this one outside in.  I found that I was more prone to getting ridges at the edge of my resist working inside out.. not sure why, probably just that I'm not used to working that way. The ridges were easily enough worked out luckily.  I DID find that the cup and ring design incorporated very easily into the felt working outside in as opposed to inside out, maybe because it all goes slower inside the package.

Hat #3 was going to have silk caps and fibres to embellish the outside so I didn't have to worry about that, and the silk chiffon sari I planned to use is an easy one.. I've used it for nuno before and know the fibres travel through fairly quickly..
Here you can see the resist from hat #1 placed on top
The resist underneath is from hat #2.. but I have added  to the bottom right and around the sides and top to give a little more fullness in the crown.
I also shortened the earflaps - see the pen marks, so this hat would have less wastage than #2

Piece of silk chiffon in roughly the shape I needed to cover one half
of the resist.. scarred a few whisps of merino ontop

Then placed the resist and carefully folded the silk around the edges.
Trimming any excess so it didn't bunch up or overlap anywhere

Filled in the gaps

Adding whisps under the edges to veil them where needed
Layers of merino

Rays fold over, and centre gets filled

Silk caps, tussah fibre & mulberry fibre on top of final layer
After the resist was removed I worked it HARD..
rolling, throwing, pummelling and rolling it with my ridged stick

Before it was fully felted I used hat #2 as a template to mark my cutting line

I have a pack of tailors chalk in 3 different colours, red, blue and
white so can pick whichever will show up best

Now I sealed the edges and worked it until it was fully felted.
I worked the crown on my hats block and blocked it in the same way as the last ones.. did take pics but picassa, or blogger, won't let me bring them over for some reason..

Not MY colours.. but I like the hat :)
And it suits me from behind lol
Now that I had 'the Bofur' sorted my mind moved on to working out 'the Radagast' :)  more on that soon!

Yesterday I showed you what my dogs were getting upto in the snowy weather.. here are a couple of my favourite snowy weather photos I took

This lovely little finch spent ages here every day just feet from my living room window..
Picking at the nettles and brambles, and eating from the bird table -he was funny when he found a seed he didn't like, he spat it over the edge
Flooded woodland frozen solid.
The woods and fields became very Narnia like, absolutely beautiful


Janine said...

I wish I would live nearby you, I would come to visit you and looking at you working at the hat. You give such a lot off inspiration, I told it before, but can repaet it, over and over, the way you make the innerhat with silk, genious, the riddle stick, nerver heard it, the hat is totally gorgious, a BIG THANKS for such a great explanation! Lots of friendly greetings to you, Janine

FeltersJourney said...

I'm sure we would have fun Janine :)
Glad you are enjoying my hat mania

The ridged stick is litterally just that.. It was a piece of dowelling, about as thick as a broom handle and patterned with ridges - I brought it from B&Q a few years back and it just presented itself as a useful roller for finishing felt (I don't always use it, I use it mostly when I really want to harden the felt).
You can buy textured rollers specially made for felting, I'll probably invest in one of these at some point they look really nice . I have seen cheaper versions available but they don't look as good.

inger lutje schipholt said...

I loved making felted hats but to wear I find them too inflexible, one day a way to make them more flexible is on my list of things to invent :D

Really love the ones you are making!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Inger :) I've been having fun with them

Janine said...

Thank you for the link ans tellng which tool you use, I 'll llo at BQ myself, it is grue, they have such things ;)) have a great week, hugs, janine

FeltersJourney said...

You are welcome Janine. You can look at the painters plastic sheeting at the same time :)