Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Scarf #3

I've had a real yearning for bright, rich colours lately (probably because of all the dull grey days).. and for interesting shapes and textures.  So playing around with all these scarves suited my mood perfectly :)

The third of my scarves..

Layer 1 tangerine merino..
forgot to photograph it but I filled the holes with raspberry pink merino
Layed out in a nice curvy, lazy S shape
 it was just over 7 foot long measured straight 

(following the curves about a foot longer I'd guess)
Covering the second layer (which was burnt orange with pink blobs)
Scattering loads of gold and a little orange tussah silk over the third and final layer
Drawing a simple design in raspberry and pink merino
highlighted with magenta tussah silk
Making 'spots'
I cut a pattern of holes in three places along the length of the scarf,
healing the edges as I went along (but I forgot to take photos)..
And I made a cut up into the thin end so it hangs in two points instead of one
The back.. this was the first layer I layed down
Though it doesn't actually look much like a Tigerlily :) that was the inspiration..

Lovely flowers.. I used to have a big pot full of these in the garden, but I think they died last winter.

Today I think I am going to do something bright and Hundertwasser-ish :)  



Felting Sunshine said...

Another lovely to add to your collection! I love the color combo and bet it adds a bright spot of sunshine to any day!

Janine said...

It looks great, love the pattern to, and the way you make spots ;)) beautifull. Have a great day.

Karolina Zienkiewicz said...

Fantastyczny szal. A storczyki to piękne kwiaty i wspaniała inspiracja.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Kelly & Janine :)
Karolina :) They are lovely flowers.. Day-Lillies are my favourites x

Terrie said...

Looks cheerful in the grey days. Flowers are always inspiration for creation.

Beate Rothenbacher said...

I love Lillies too, and your scarf is adorable! Thanks for showing your way of working.

Greetings from Belgium, Beate

Fibre Arts n Mixed Media said...

Hi Deborah, Karen here from my new blog, the old one died and i'm still making my way round this one lol i havent been able to comment on anyone's blog for a while, hence having to make a new one, so now your scarves are gorgeous, i love the different shapes your making and the colors are beautiful xoxo

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Terrie & Beate :)
Karen, lovely to hear from you :) I'm sorry to hear you have had such trouble with your blog - what a pain! I shall pop over to your new one in a mo. Glad you like my scarves :)