Thursday, 9 May 2013

A long weekend in the sun :)

We had a wonderful May Bank Holiday weekend!  We started off with some gardening.. planting all the veggies and herbs that we are planning for this summer.  Spent a very enjoyable day pottering round the garden together doing this, and finishing off with a lovely long walk over the fields visiting the lambs and calves :)

Then we headed off to Glastonbury - I do love Glastonbury!  The weather was absolutely beautiful, blue skies with high fluffy clouds.  After our looong winter it seems like everything is in a rush to burst into leaf or bloom, Spring is happening at hyper-speed.  The colours were so intense I couldn't help taking lots of photos, I've picked some of my favourites to share here (there are quite a few :)

Walking along the lane leading to the tor
This might find its way into felt one day..
Still walking
Welcome refreshment!
There are 2 healing springs which come up only feet apart.. this is Chalice Well, and  is rich with iron
on the opposite side of the lane is the White Spring which is rich in calcite.  They taste very different and distinct from each other 
Lambs always look so cuddly :)
Letters carved in the stone of the tower on top of the tor..  makes me wonder who carved them and when?
Lovely lichen on the outside of the tower
So cool and shady inside the tower..  Outside a man sat strumming his guitar and singing, beautiful to hear and so perfect in this high and peaceful place
I found myself focusing on small details in stone and wood..

This bird and grapes is carved over a pub on the high street
Walking along the High Street we heard many musicians.. harpists, guitar and flute.. people dancing.  Wonderful.. free spirited..

We ended our visit in Glastonbury Abbey.. now in all the years we have been going to Glastonbury, and even had family living close by, we have never been in before.  I am so glad we did, it was lovely!  Made even more so by the weather of course, we explored the ruins and meandered around the grounds for hours (which were absolutely beautiful!)

Inside St. Patrick's Chapel
So high..
Gary spotted ammonites in the stone

The Abbotts Kitchen
This is the strangest kitchen I have EVER seen, the next 3 pics are from inside
Roof beams.. there is something quite yurtish about them.  
Massive fireplaces in each corner (plus bread ovens in the side walls)
Huge chimneys in each corner above the fireplaces..
This was soooo high
Right at the top, and on the other side..
See how tiny the people inside it are?
An idea of size.  Gary and the kids are sitting in the middle of this wall.  The information says that these three window bays are all that remain of a run of 9 window bays..  it must of seemed IMMENSE back in the day.  Can you imagine being a medieval peasant living in a tiny cottage not much taller than your own head and encountering a stone giant like this..? 

Willow woman in the grounds
The torr just visible on the rise above the trees
So many majestic trees..

The Holy Thorn
Excavated shell palattes used to mix pigments for illuminated texts, found with pigment still in - that blue has kept its' colour beautifully
13th century wooden door
You can see where the nails were bent over on the back. I love things like this..  These nails were hammered in and bent over by a carpenter 800 odd years ago..
This funny fella was in the museum area.. :)  Isn't he great
I love going to Glastonbury, it has good energy.  I've come back all fired up and enthusiastic.. like my creative battery has been recharged - or maybe the nice weather just burned off the winter gloom :)  Whatever it is.. it feels good.


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing (a few of) your pictures of Glastonbury. It looks to be great there. Grt.Mattie

Terriea Kwong said...

Stunning views and beautiful day. Finally spring has arrived. Everywhere looks alive and pretty. Thanks for the tour. Enjoy your good days.

Lyn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my photographic tour around Glastonbury - thank you for posting.

Ruthie Redden said...

Deborah, I loved seeing your Glastonbury pics, I have only been twice and didn't get time to go to the Abbey, oh dear that means I will have to make another trip. Our lass lives not too far away, so we have a great excuse. I love thinking of the folks who have been before and the work they have left behind, just like the old nails in the door.

FeltersJourney said...

I luuuurve Glastonbury Ruthie. Every so often I start to yearn for a dose of it's magic and peace, and have to go on a pilgrimage.

My brother in law and his wife used to live just a few miles outside Glastonbury and we used to go stay with them quite often, we had so many lovely times there when the kids were tiny! The times we climbed the Tor with a toddler each on our shoulders!! You have a most excellent reason to go there lots now, especially with your new grandbaby to cuddle :)