Friday, 24 May 2013

An exciting project

I was recently asked to create a tutorial for a local magazine, which was completely out of the blue and very exciting!  It's a one off magazine about female community artists in my area.  The area is known as the Black Country, a name stemming from the Industrial Revolution when there was so much industry here; mining and burning of coal, that everything was black with soot and coal dust.  Thank goodness that isn't the case anymore :) but the name stands.  This is the Black Country Womens Community Arts Project magazine.

They wanted a craft project to include in the magazine, one of the writers found my blog and shop and liked my felt :) so asked if I could help.  I love being involved in things like this, and it's an honour to be asked.  So  I wrote tutorials for felting flowers and making them into jewellery.. I think they are a little longer than they realised they would be..  But you know me, I do like to explain :) (waffle on).

They sent international documentary photographer Martin Parr around to photograph each step.  This was a very novel experience having someone else to take the photos!  I usually have my camera set up on a tripod and have to keep drying my hands to take each shot, and beat the timer for action shots :)  

To speed things up I had 4 flowers (for each style) at different stages of the making process.  We ended up having quite a laugh during the photo shoot, and Martin was quite intrigued with the magic of felting.  I'll keep you informed about progress.

I've been wanting for ages to add some tutorials to my blog but not had the time to actually write them..  now that I HAVE, I am adding them on a new page TUTORIALS Felting Flowers .  I have only put the one up today as it takes time copying it from my Word doc. over to blogger.  (I can't just copy the photos in with the text, so have had to do the text in between each pic.  add the pic. then copy more text.. then the next pic.  etc. -  stupid really, but it's the only way it'd do it without scrambling it up).

ANyway.. the first tutorial is for making flouncy flowers with a stem :)  hope it's ok

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend folks!  Wouldn't it be great if the weather was as nice as last Bank Holiday?!


Zed said...

Wow, congratulations! It sounds like you had a great time :)
I know exactly what you mean about taking photos, drying hands, beating the timer etc :) And also about copying posts etc from Word.
The tutorial looks really good!

Wendy said...

how exciting to be a published author! Love the flowers, I've pinned the tutorial.

Colette said...

Congratulations! how exciting it is to be published!! and I just loooooove those flowers. They are just gorgeous! I would also be intrigued about the process. Seems very magical :-)

Jane Perala said...

Great tutorial - thanks!

Ali Hogg said...

the flowers look great, thanks for the tutorial, ali

Terrie said...

Such an honor. You deserved! Your work is always impressive and I learn so much from you. Certainly on magazine explosure will benefit lots more. Your contribution surely be GREAT to the community.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks folks :)
I really enjoyed it. Though it was a mad rush to plan and get everything ready in time.
I should mention the photos in the tutorial are mine, not the photographers.. I am sure his will be loads better :)