Saturday, 18 May 2013

Something new.. a nuno landscape

I am getting behind with my blogging again.. I really must try harder to keep up!

This is a recent project.. an bit of an experiment.  I wanted to have a go at a landscape picture, a nuno collage really, using lots of lovely different silk fabrics in intense and not necessarily realistic colours.  

This is my first one:

Decided to use this photo as my design..
I love this tree, it is a couple of fields across from our house.. the trunk has turned as it grew
so the bark spirals round and round

I laid a base, with some pretty hand dyed curly locks along the bottom for a fringe
Started laying pieces of silk sari fabric for the fields
After laying the picture out I outlined everything with very thin strips of dark navy merino.
The tree trunk and a few branches are brown merino.
Unfortunately my photos were taken on a dull day.. the colours glow more than they do on the pics.
Close up
I'm really pleased with it :)
Fringe detail
It reminds me of stained glass windows.. I'll have to look at beautiful stained glass windows and artwork from medieval manuscripts or books of hours to inspire my next one.. I think that could work really well.



Terriea Kwong said...

That's so beautiful collage picture. I imagine there're lavender and sunflower fields. With the outlines and fringes are icing on the cake. Loving it.

Unknown said...

beautiful! I am itching to get some felting time in. Love the way this turned out!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :) I enjoyed playing with this xx