Saturday, 13 July 2013

Flap Bag #2 part 2

The theme for this bag was 'Guess how much I love you book' by Sam McBratny...  So it needed the moon and stars..  

I made silky crescent moons - one for each side of the bag.

Several layers of mawata silk squares
Using a small plate as a template

to draw around with a gel pen.  

By moving the plate along and following the curve of one edge again
I got a nice crescent moon

Carefully cut out

Placed on the flap and wetted out.
I had already added greenery along the bottom (like in the picture below)
where it would show beneath the flap

This is the back of the bag. (before I flipped it and added the flap)
I wanted a hint of moonlit fields so added green with a few longer twists of green for grassy stems.
Some nice smoky blue/grey boucle yarn runs through the sky, and LOTS of tussah silk


Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Właśnie się zastanawiałam z czego zrobiłaś księżyc, bo jest srebrny. Nie spodziewałam się, że chusteczki jedwabne dadzą taki poblask.
Piękna całość, świetny tutorial.

Unknown said...

Looks promising, i like the idea. Waiting for the result ;)

Unknown said...

Looks promising, i like the idea! Waiting for the result.

P.S. Deborah, is it important to have captcha for comments? It's very difficult to identify the code sometimes, really. I tried to leave a comment for 5 times...

FeltersJourney said...
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FeltersJourney said...

Hi Alevtina, sorry to hear you've had difficulty with the captcha.. thank you for keeping on trying, it's lovely to hear from you.

I did take it off for a while but got lots of dodgy comments and links to porn sites appearing in the comments so I put it back on. I used to struggle with captcha myself until I realised I was entering a space in between the 2 halves.. but if I left the space out it accepted it. Now I never enter a space, just type the letters and numbers and haven't had one rejected since.
Sometimes though I think it is just temperamental, a couple of days ago I entered a code and accidentally hit enter after only typing the first half.. it accepted it :S Please do let me know if you continue to have trouble..