Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sun, sea and sand...

What a wonderful summer we have had here in the UK this year!  It may of come late, but it has certainly made up for lost time.  I haven't really posted much over the kids break (which is now almost over.. it's gone quickly!).  It's time to start catching you up with what's been going on :)

We've had a lovely camping holiday in Cornwall.. the weather was great!  
My mum-in-law has been asking for a photo of us all..
 I love this one because Jesse is peeking in at the side :)

Not a bad pic, considering the camera is plonked on a bench on a 10 second timer :)
It was a differently paced holiday than usual.. our dogs (who always come with us) are getting a little older and need a slower pace.  The first couple of days we took some lovely long coastal walks, then the rest of the week was pretty much spent in the sea!  

I have a panorama setting on this camera and enjoyed experimenting with it
Although we often had to take it in turns staying behind with the dogs, taking them on small, gentle walks etc.  It's such a shame that they aren't allowed on Polzeath (our favourite surf beach) during the summer..  The days we went kayaking on Daymer Bay were lovely I got first go in the kayak with Gary while the kids kept the dogs company, then we swapped and I strolled along the beach with the dogs, paddled and sat on the cliff watching the world go by, while Rachael swam and the boys kayaked.  Amber was funny.. she swam out to the kayak (she could hear Gary's voice) climbed aboard with a little help and rode it all the way back in :)  She was like a little tug boat going through the water, she was so determined to get there.  
This is one of my fave pics.  Looking out across Daymer Bay at high tide..
it looks SO different at low tide
Other days were spent entirely at Polzeath with the boys kayaking, Rachael and me bodyboarding.. (it was too choppy for me to want to kayak).  We picked up a waterproof camera in the bargain bin at a local electrical store a few months ago, and we got some fun action shots and some silly videos too :)  

Just look at that silvery sea!

Our very last day was grey and rainy.. but it didn't start raining till we had packed the tent away thank goodness!  The rest of the day was spent body boarding, and you honestly couldn't tell it was raining in the sea lol

My water baby
Having a laugh
Gary picked up a hitch hiker on his board .. a fair sized jellyfish!
Right next to his hand.. lucky he didn't get stung.
I have never seen as many jellyfish in my life - there were HUNDREDS.. many different varieties.. and they were everywhere.  We all got stung once or twice, but poor Rachael managed to get lots of stings on the palms of her hands and fingers from swimming and body boarding.. and they were really sore.  It didn't stop her boarding though! 

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary while we were there..
a romantic walk together watching the sunset on our favourite beach was our ideal celebration
It really was an amazing sunset
Back home we are getting a plentiful harvest from the fruits and veg we grow in the garden.. I LOVE eating fresh home grown produce!  

Next weekend I am camping with a friend.. my first ever time away from the family.  And then Rachael goes back to school, Matthew starts his apprenticeship, and of course Gary is at work.. I shall be diving back into my wonderful woolly world.


Terriea Kwong said...

Looks such a great and wonderful holiday with the whole family. Time flies, grasp every moment with loved ones. Enjoy your next outing.

Unknown said...

Super!!! W Polsce mamy również piękne miejsca. Powinnaś odwiedzić nasz kraj z rodziną. Zapraszam.

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Terrie, the passage of time just keeps on getting faster! I love our family holidays :)

Thanks Karolina :) Poland looks lovely!


Heather Woollove said...

What a wonderful (and romantic!) family holiday you had, Deborah!
I just LOVE the photo of you and your family. You look so young and beautiful and, boy, does your son look like his daddy! :) XO-

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Heather :) That really was a romantic walk (though there aren't many on a family camping holiday lol).
Matthew gets more like his daddy everyday (he was like him from the moment he opened his eyes :) he had his daddy's eyes when he was born).