Sunday, 10 November 2013

One more wizard hat..

This is the one that I didn't show in the last post.  I've been wanting to do a Gandalf hat for aaages and just not gotten around to it.  A few weeks ago I DID!  But things didn't go to plan..  This was the first pointy hat I'd made in 2 years so had forgotten the past experience, which might explain a lot.

I wanted to make a long, crumpled and bent looking hat just like Gandalf wears in the films..  So I decided to use 4 layers, thoroughly felted, so it was strong and self supporting - I didn't want it to flop!  

I made a looong resist..  
 and enclosed it in 4 layers.  Inside was dark grey merino, then white Falkland, followed by 2 layers of lighter grey merino.  I worked it hard and felted it down so it was lovely and strong.. I net it into shape and it stayed there a treat
Drying on my big block (with cling film to keep the canvas block dry)
 The problem was it was just to long!  It did not look right at all!  And it wouldn't shrink down any more.. So I cut the end off!  Then cut a gusset so I could stitch it back into a point.  I did work the felt a little more and managed to lose the stitching a little.. it's still there but not really noticable.

I'm happy with the shape and length of the point now..
 and the brim looks better on than placed on the table top, it's still the same shape as it was on the block
Now I did catch my husband trying this on :) I've told him I want him to wear it to the Middle Earth weekend in Moseley next year :)  

But to be honest it isn't really any good for wearing.. it's too thick and stiff. Makes a nice ornament though , I think I shall offer it to the Museum where I used to work.. see if they want it for their Halloween displays, they often do fantasy events too so I reckon it would be a good home for it. 

Lesson learned = 4 fibre layers is just toooo much for a hat!  


india flint said...

or you could hang it upside down and plant something in it! wool=best slow-release fertilizer and will last for years especially seeing you've made it so thick :-)

FeltersJourney said...

Good idea.. definitely thinking 'outside the box' :) If I can't find a home for it as an ornamental wizard hat I may just do this.

Lyn said...

It's frustrating when you invest all that time (and wool) to not get what you planned.
However, you have produced some stunning hats recently and I'm glad you posted a couple of close-ups because the true beauty of the felting and stitching doesn't show in the shots of the whole hats.

Karen Erickson said...

I think it looks great Deborah, your hubby should wear it a fair bit to soften it up lol then it'll be perfect :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Karen :) Not sure he'd go for it though lol xx

Lyn it is a pain when something doesn't turn out.. but it's a learning curve too - I shan't make a 4 layer hat again lol my pointy helmet taught me that much :) xx