Monday, 13 October 2014

Hand in Hand

I've been rather taken with handprints lately.. I really enjoyed using them on the Tambourine bag a little while back and have quite a few ideas for other items featuring them :)

So far I have made myself a coin purse.. this is to go with the tambourine bag. I was asked in comments on the tambourine bag post how I thought the bag would hold it's shape if used as a purse.. well there's only one way to find out.  SO when it's not being used for a tambourine :) this bag will double up as my 'posh' bag.. so of course I needed a coin purse to go with it!

Lots of handprint templates..
I used the shrink/enlarge facility on a copier to get different sized prints
I added a taped on resist flap to form a gusset at the bottom..
I wanted plenty of room to go delving through my coppers :)
Covering with layers of white merino
And the design layer.. with a 25% of actual size handprint
Part way through felting
Finished felting.. left to dry 
Hand sewn into a metal purse frame
and open :)  plenty of wiggle room for my fingers in there
I took these out for the first time last Friday night celebrating my babies 16th birthday :)
 As well as a handprint purse for myself, I felted a big tote for my shop.. quite a complex one.  This bag had 6 resists in total!  The main resist, one taped to the bottom for a wide base, pockets and resists up at the top to form flaps for sewing a zip in!
Lovely Wensleydale locks :)
Side view
Instead of sewing reinforcing into the handle area I made
the felt extra thick. And the flap for sewing the zip in was a
perfect place for more tiny handprints :)

I love these strong metal YKK zips!  (it's hand sewn in).
And I've still got lots more ideas for handprint pieces too..   so I'm sure there will be more to follow :)


RMK said...

Very nice & quite creative ...

Teri Berry said...

They all look so beautiful Deborah, you must be really pleased with how they turned out :)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks folks :)

I am happy with them Teri, I'm quite obsessing with handprints at the moment :)


Gill said...

Hi Deborah
I love the handprint look! The tote bag must have been a logistical nightmare, but what a fab result! x

Lyn said...

It's a lovely theme! The small purse is very pretty and the tote is amazing.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Lyn x
Gill it was interesting :) I enjoyed it x