Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Finished Jackets and Vest

Oh my.. April 1st TODAY!  Where does the time go?

Through March I posted about 3 garments I was marking.. but last time you saw them they were all incomplete, and I wasn't entirely sure how 2 of them were going to be finished.  

Well, now they are :)  and I though I'd show you..

I used Ghungroo Bells for buttons :)  4 to close the double breasted front
and 1 at each cuff. 
Now it's a lovely musical jacket :)
and tomorrow will be leaving for a new home in the US
I was so happy when a lovely lady contacted me through my shop, saying she had seen this nuno jacket on my blog and asking if I could make one for her.. By lucky chance the one I was working on was a good size for her.  It was pretty much sold before it was even finished.. how wonderful!

I decided to add sleeves to the long Jacobs vest..
now it's a longline jacket :) perfect for Spring and Autumn
Goes well with the wellies don't you think :)?
I decided to go with branch buttons..
Gary reckons I look really annoyed in this one..  I wasn't,
but I have had a cold this week so look a bit crappy.

Another branch button here.. must make more next week, I've about used 'em all up!
I love this vest :)
I've decided to keep the jacket and vest myself :) (I couldn't resist.. they're just so ME.. and hey I should be wearing my own felt shouldn't I?!)   so I've listed them as Made to Measure on my shop :)


Els said...

O yes, making a jacket out of the vest was very clever !
It looks very good (on you ;-) ...)
There will be a very happy lady somewhere in America too !

Gill said...

Fabulous Deborah! I really like the jacket you're keeping - it's a great fit too x

Lyn said...

The musical jacket is superb! You were right to add sleeves to your jacket - it looks great on you, and adding both items to your 'made to measure' is a good idea.

Terriea Kwong said...

You made beautiful coats. No wonder soon it's sold. Each and every piece is unique one would love to owe.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you ladies :)
Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!