Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Quick Workshop update..

I totally forgot to post about this on here (I remembered on Facebook)!  On the 17th February I went along to Oak House in West Bromwich.. a beautiful Tudor House where I worked for 10 years until turning full time felter, and have been in love with since I was 8!  They were having a fun day to celebrate some exciting developments on site, and had asked me to come along and create a piece of felt to commemorate the event.  It was to be a communal felt, mostly made from a local mule fleece that I'd spent days cleaning and carding, supplemented by other domestic wool; natural Jacobs and dyed Shetland.

The day went well.. there was a steady flow of interested people watching, talking and lending a hand when they wanted.  I was very happy when it came time to start rolling to find that I had 8 eager little helpers and a couple of mom's too.. many hands really do make light work!

The thing that really made me smile is that not one child passed by my table without popping a bubble on the 'oh so tempting' bubble wrap :)

I don't have any photos from the day.. it was just to busy to stop, I didn't even get a drink or bite to eat.  And it wasn't fully felted at the end of the day, so I brought it home for a couple more hours rolling, throwing and pounding.

The finished picture panel..  A Tudor Rose
I added my favourite curly Wensleydale locks around the edge.
Measures 40" x 25" and just under 1cm thick
The mule felted well.. I had actually expected it to be slower.  Maybe it was the extra hands speeding things up.. Whatever, it has formed a strong, thick felt. 

I've sewn small brass curtain rings on the back so they can hang it if they wish, or use it as a table centre.  Not sure where they plan to display it eventually, but it will be there somewhere.. I shall have to go along in the summer and see where it's ended up :)


Chrys Art Glass said...

I have never heard of mule fleece before. I had to google it as I thought you were referring to the offspring of a horse and donkey and I didn't think that would have a fleece. Silly Aussie me, it's a British breed.

FeltersJourney said...

Lol now I'm picturing a little woolly horse 😀 xx

Lyn said...

Beautiful Tudor Rose - lovely against the grey. And the locks just set it off nicely.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Lyn :)

Heather Woollove said...

...just lovely. I love the painterly way you have with felt! Hxx

Unknown said...

Lovely Tudor Rose on this piece. All the details are so pretty. Well done, as usual!!

FeltersJourney said...

Why, thank you Heather & Nancy :) xx