Friday, 22 July 2016

OUTdoor soles on the dyed Finn Boots

I finally got these boots finished!  I mentioned ages ago that the outdoor soles I had purchased in my shoe size were waaay too big for the boots made to fit my feet.. SO I ordered a pair of soles one size smaller than I take in shoes.  

They fitted pretty well to the bottoms of the boots.  I used my leather punch to make four holes around the sewing lip on each sole, and with my twist pins secured them in place (with cellulose board 'boot prints' sandwiched in between the rubber sole and felt).  Then I hand stitched them on using my Silver Creek Speedy Stitcher and strong waxed thread. 

I'm really happy with how they look.. unfortunately I can't wear them!  The smaller size shoe soles are the perfect length for me but they are too narrow. The raised ridges along the sides stick up under the balls of my feet :(  SO, I shall be taking them along when I visit a friend of mine with smaller feet .. hopefully she can be my guinea pig and report back how well they wear..

The search is still on for outdoor soles that I like.. and that actually FIT.  The ones I currently like the look of are a little confusing to purchase :/  

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