Monday, 25 July 2016

Stash Busting Icelandic Rug #2

Most of this post was typed in April, from the finished rug photos is new :)

After finishing the first rug I was surprised at how much Icelandic fibre I still had.. so decided to make a second, BIGGER, rug for the sitting room.  In the same style as the first; simple brightly coloured blocks, this time with black Icelandic fibre at the back.. so as I felt and the fibres creep through it will darken the colours slightly, as well as bringing them together aesthetically.

I decided to throw in a few circles cut from batt fibre :)

Coloured edges folded over the black backing fibre

I always find this a satisfying moment.. 
when you first spot the migration of colours from one side to the other..
you know you're getting somewhere then :)

Felting finished, flipped to show front and back.
I love the back.. seeing the colours through the black.. just yummy

It's funny how much more noticeable the colours coming through the black are, than the black coming through the colour.  I know they're there, I can see a change in the colour values.. it's just a subtle, darkening and softening.

This one is quite a bit bigger.. and took quite a lot longer to make.  After making these two rugs within a 6 day period I am shattered :) and my poor forearms are covered in rub rash / friction burn from all the rolling!  So glad I've made them though :)

This one hasn't been used yet.. it's been folded up for 3 months so I had
to iron creases out of it before photographing.

We shall be redecorating our living room and dining room soon..
that's when I plan to start using it :)
Measurements: 77" x 30" / 196cm x 76cm
quite a bit bigger than the first one
The photos were taken on a very strong sunshiney day.. the
colours look deeper in life than they do on the photos


Els said...

Another lovely rug ;-)

(ahhhh ... sun and taking pictures : no friends !)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Els :) x
Yeah it's a fine line isn't it.. not sunny enough and the photos are dark, to bright and the colours are all wrong :/ Too bright days kind-of make me miss my first house, with it's huge windows covered in gossamer thin white curtains.. they used to glow as they diffused the light..