Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stash Busting Icelandic Rug #3

And the final rug post :) 

Wow.. I'm on a roll.. a rug making roll!

Even after felting two pretty good sized rugs I had a big box of Icelandic fibre left, but didn't think I particularly needed another rug right now.  So decided I'd reduced that particular stash enough not to worry about the rest.

WELL, a week or so later, while looking closely at the 'sheep friendly sheepskin' rug at the bottom of my bed, I noted that it had become quite shabby.  It has always been a little shabby :) and I liked that about it, it was after all the first of this sort of felting I'd ever done (link to when I blogged it above, just checked the post date - 6 years ago.. wow)!  In one particular area it had gone really thin..  this is a spot where I got a toe caught in a loop of locks one night as I was blundering about in the dark, ripping the locks loose as I tripped!  Where they wrenched free of the felt it must of weakened it, and over time the passage of our feet has worn it down.  

SO.. a third rug was needed :)  A narrower rug this time (the one it's replacing was way too big really). More bright colours.. but a different design this time.

4 blocks of coloured Icelandic laid over a white Jacobs background

Adding a coloured 'ribbon' to wind across

And red fibre balls with outlines

Part way through..
I really enjoyed the design on this one

I have found my palm wash board to be 
absolutely brilliant while working on my rugs!  It really 
works the felt well and eases out potential crinkles that 
can try to form from rolling.

Masses of rubbing and rolling again.. each of these rugs has taken at least two days.. the big one took two and a half.  I felt like I'd found my stride, and learned a couple things about rug making at this point :) 

Also worth mentioning that I rinsed them in the washing machine on cool.. they are so very big and bulky they'd of needed to be done in the bath otherwise, and I just couldn't face the backache that would bring.

Back side / front side flip..
see how well the coloured design migrated through the white
This is my favourite of the three :)
Measurements 66" x 20"
It lives on MY side of the bed and makes me happy every time I see it :)
I just LOVE being able to walk all the way around our bed, feeling my felt rugs underfoot all the way!


Els said...

love the happy colours Deborah !!!
(so you always get out of the bed with the right foot ;-) !)

Annie and Lyn said...

Love it, love it, love it! Fabulous design and colours. A very 'happy' rug.

Terriea Kwong said...

You make such beautiful rugs. This one is outstanding. Love the simple yet clear design.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you ladies :) xxxx