Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bring it on!

I dont do New Years resolutions :o) never was any good at `em... BUT my mission this year is to:
  • Increase my sales& promote my brand
  • Work on a new range of bags that have been in my head for 6 months
  • PLUS some other fun, artsy stuff that I`ll tell you about when I get to do it

Im in the process of setting up shop over on Folksy (like Etsy but UK based). Ive made a start - Im up to 2 items! If you fancy taking a gander Im FeltersJourney over there too. Im not sure whether they have any link buttons, like the Etsy mini - shall have to work that out. Im hoping the new shop does well - got everything crossed hoping it does!

Im making sew in tags to go in my bags & purses & on scarves... really pleased with how theyre coming on - will post a photo later.

And Ive actually started working on the new bag range... well the first one anyway. They are called Silly Goose - and thats all Im saying for now ;o)

And thats it, for now. Have had a bit of not so pleasant running round keeping me busy... getting quotes to repair the damage somebody did when they bumped my car a couple of days before Christmas :( And tests at the Doctors...

Still its 2010 (how sci-fi) lets make it a good year!


Felted House said...

I do like the sound of Silly Goose!
You've certainly got some good plans, I'm quite a way behind you in promoting my felt, but hope to investigate Etsy/Folksy options at some stage - hope the Folksy shop goes well, the scarf you've got listed is lovely colours! xx

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you :o) You`ll have to let me know if/when you set up shop & I`ll heart you