Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cutest little bear

Hiya, I just wanted to show off this ADORABLE little needlefelted bear! He was a gift from my friend Linda at 8MuddyFeet and I love him to bits :o) Ive named him Button, cos he`s as cute as one & he is tiny; only a couple of inches tall (dread to think how many times I would of poked my fingers needlefelting something this small!).

Linda was the first ever person to own one of my Feelin` Sheepish bags. Button is sitting on the bookshelf in my living room, with 2 of my cloth faeries who are reading him their favourite miniature book... A Midsummer Nights Dream. Isnt he lovely?! His arms, legs & head all move; he is usually sitting down but I stood him up a little so you could see him better.
Linda recently opened a new shop, she is going it alone - please go along and look at her lovely creations. Here are a couple of my favourites to wet your appetite :o)

miniature cheshire cat

racoon & birdie icefishing

Shes also got a needlefelting kit with everything you need to make a really cute spotty puppy dog; I brought this kit for my mom for Christmas, shes working on it right now & loving every minute - she is planning all sorts of needlefelted critters now. Its lovely to see mom inspired to take up a new craft, its been a while! Thank you for that Linda, and of course for my lovely little Button bear :o)

Anyway, time to run - got to crochet a cloche hat for mom-in-laws birthday on Saturday


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