Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Silly Goose

Yay, Im so excited! I have this morning finished my first Silly Goose bag! I know I started it a couple of weeks ago, but with one thing and another after the first day whan I actually felted the bag I just didnt get chance to carry on with it. This project has held lots of `firsts` for me.

My goosey is an inlay. I cut him out of a spare piece of white felt, rummaged round till I found scraps of yellow & orange for his beak & feet, and laid them in position on top of the fibre that I had already laid out...then felted it all together. His bandly legs, the flowers & grass are embroidered on by hand once the bag was dry, as is the `silly goose` slogan at the top. This is the first time Ive used an inlay in a project - Ive played a little before with using inlays on felted soaps, but this was much more fun.

A while ago I had been thinking about bag linings... then later that day I considered the different resists I have used in my bag making... and it suddenly occured to me how when I used a calico resist the fibres felted to the resist so strongly. I started wondering how it would work to sew a simple bag lining first - then felt onto it. The more I thought about it the more I couldnt wait to try it out. So I did & it worked really well. Its such an obvious evolution Im sure many other felters are sure to have worked this out long ago :o) but Im thrilled to bits that its worked so nicely. I sewed a zippy pocket seperately & hand stitched that into the bag, along with...

My own label :o) As I dont have a website, but do have this blog & a couple of online shops I thought the best point of contact to put on the label was my blog (just hope that doesnt seem odd / unprofessional) as it has links to other places to find / contact me.

There is a very interesting post in Shalana The Funk Felters blog about labeling, and she very kindly gives instructions for making your own labels. I have followed Shalanas `how-to` with my labels & Im really happy with them - thank you Shalana :o) I used the Avery dark t-shirt transfer paper onto calico; the labels, now that they are well washed, feel & look rather like kid leather! The colours changed slightly with the heat from the iron (maybe I had it too hot) I think that was a happy accident though - I prefer the colours as they are now.

The sheepy on the label is a stamp that I carved myself - based on my trademark sheepy from my Feelin Sheepish range. Im using him to make my own note paper for when I ship orders & stamping on the packaging just for fun

Oh yes, nearly forgot, I made the button too! I had a morning playing with fimo clay making buttons last week - this is one of `em. I`ll try & remember to take photos of the rest & post that ?tomorow... or this week at any rate :o)

I`m having a couple of really lovely days! Yesterday my friend Clare came to visit Clare is a fellow fibre addict :o) we had a lovely girly day AND a visit to a wool shop!

And then I got my lovely little car back from the garage :o) Somebody drove into me a couple days before Christmas, he didnt want to go through his insurance & said he would pay for the repair, unfortunately he then proved to be a real pain. All the stress really got to me and made me quite ill (another reason why I havent been very productive) but yesterday afternoon I got my Suky (how sad - I named my car :o) back all mended, bright & shiny and good as new! The garage valeted it beautifully - so Im a relaxed and happy bunny again now ;o)
On that bright & cheery note Im going to dash off and make some prefelt for the inlays for my next Silly Goose bags... xxx


Felted House said...

This bag is fantastic, right down to the last detail - what a great design and lovely goose. I've used inlays a lot with mine as you can get a more precise outline and have stack of pre-felts in different colours! Thanks for the link about the labels - I may well stick to buying mine but I'll check it out. I made several asymmetric bags last year and people seemed to like them, so I hope you have lots of success with these new designs. I'm glad you're having better days now xx

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks :o) glad you like it!
Got my prefelts made ready for tomorow...its nice to feel energetic & inspired after a low spell - and of course Im as happy as a pig in muck now Im up to my eyes in fibre again

Twiglet said...

I really like your bag. I have never wet felted a bag - just played with little wet felt experiments and then dry felted them. I love all the detail on yours - it all goes together so well!

Clare Atfield said...

Looks lovely, honey.

Felted House said...

Hi, me again! In response to your comment on my blog, yes please consider yourself given a blog award! copy and paste it in and follow the rules (on Annalisa's post) as you wish - I didn't want to force it on people as that's not really me, and I didn't want it to seem like one of those chain-letter type things where people feel they have to do it! But I did enjoy making my happiness list - hope to see yours soon xx

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Sweetheart, it is AMAZING!!! Go you with all your wonderful discoveries! They all came together to create an absolutely gorgeous bag. Well done, sugar!!! <3