Thursday, 7 January 2010

Kids are back at school so mom can play - yay

Well this has seemed a very long Christmas Break with the extra snowdays tagged on to the end of it! I was 16 last time we had this much snow (20 years ago yikes that makes me feel old) a whole generation could of had a sled and never got to use it in that time!
We had a lovely family Christmas & New Year - family get-togethers & parties were good - then 1 week of wonderfull isolation, just the 4 of us & the 2 dogs, doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.

New Years Eve hubby had come down with the nasty cold I had before Christmas so we had a very mellow time at home with the kids. It was quite magical actually; sunset was brilliant, then the full moon was huge & low & misty and fabulous. At midnight we were on the back porch watching the fireworks and had a fleet of Chinese lanterns (not sure where they were released) racing magnificently over us - they were absolutely beautiful.
The kids are finally back at school today - after MUCH complaining that their schools werent on the mile long list of todays closures. Ive finally caught up on email, & online stuff that needed doing & now Im off to do some felting :o)
Ooo before I go... a couple of days before Christmas I decided I really needed some little gift boxes for putting small felted gifts in, so I learned how to make origami boxes with lids.

I was thrilled to bits with these & plan to make lots more for my jewellery to go in. They are SO easy! I followed this tutorial on Youtube once & bingo I can make them easily now. I tied them with some nice rustic linen string & a hangtag - they were just what I wanted & everyone loved `em. I recyled an old magazine with nice pictures & text and pretty thick paper.
Anyhoo the fibre is calling me away.... :o)


Felted House said...

Glad you're back! Happy New Year!
Those boxes are a great idea, I remember now looking at them that I made a few years ago out of wallpaper, which worked really well and looked pretty too. Must see if I've got any ends-of-rolls left and look up the tutorial, thanks for the link. xx

Clare Atfield said...

Aren't you clever? The origami boxes are a brilliant idea.