Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back to work

Well, this week has been my first week back to work since Christmas (proper payed work anyway :O) I work for our local museum service, doing living history with visiting school parties. All of our buildings are closed through January hence the looong Christmas break. So Tuesday I was Lizzie the Tudor serving wench at our gorgeous black & white timber framed Tudor yeomans house. I was working with my friend Clare, who also does living history. She has rather patiently knitted a Tudor flat cap (find out more on Clares blog). They were knitted then fulled, so I brought it home with me to full it by hand. Now I have to confess Im rather an impatient person - I have to do things NOW. I hate waiting. So I started as soon as the kids were home from school & fed`n`watered. Took very nearly 2 hours of VERY vigorous work, but its worked out really well. According to the info we have it would of been fulled, then brushed once dry to raise the napp, then fulled again, then brushed again - and then SHAVED :o) Think we are sticking with the one fulling & a good brushing... see what you think

I shall have to get a photo of somebody suitably attired wearing it :o) I really enjoyed working with Clare making this though, its interesting to try new things and old skills.

Oak House - West Bromwich

And yes Lizzie is both in character AND in costume... heres one of the many unflattering photos taken of me at Oak House, though my costume has changed a little since this was taken...I think it ended up on a Christmas card or something a couple of years back (wouldnt want it on my mantlepiece :o)

HOW many years has the photo added on? Not good!

Today I observed a Homefront session for the first time, I shall be doing that soon too (cant wait). I`ll post more about this later on.

Ah hubbys just got home from work - must run, lovely man to kiss


Felted House said...

The cap's come out well - sounds like a lot of hard work, but the pointy bit at the top's certainly gone. What a beautiful house to work in. I grew up in a timber-framed 16th Century cottage, my mum's still in it, but it's much less grand. I think Lizzie looks very smart! xx

FeltersJourney said...

ooo what a lovely place to grow up! I LOVE old cottages. Visited a family who live in a timber framed farm house last year, parts of it date back to 10th century it was wonderfull!

Felted House said...

It would indeed be a wonderful cottage if my mum wasn't a complusive hoarder! (and no I'm not joking or exaggerating in any way!) We haven't been able to visit since I had the boys. One day she will have to move out though - she won't manage the twisty stairs forever! You're not that far away from me, I'm in Hinckley, so if that day comes I'll let you know and you can come over and have a look inside if you like!

Clare Atfield said...

Felted House - thanks for the comments... I couldn't do the hot-water work as I burned my hands a few years ago and it hurts too much. I think the next cap will be in the machine... sacriligous, I know, but it would be interesting to see the different. It does sounds a fabulous house you have.

Debbie - good on you for getting all the work in! Thanks again.