Monday, 8 February 2010

Felting Fun

Well Ive certainly had some felting fun today!
I decided to have a go at felting a Tudor style flat cap, like the one in my previous post. The previous one had been knitted by my friend Clare and then passed to me for fulling by hand... I gave it a jolly good trouncing & it turned out really nice. It was lovely to work with a friend on a joint project, and we`re both happy with the finished product... BUT it took the two of us hours and hours (just under 15 in the end). I couldnt help wondering how a felted one would work out...
So this morning I drew my pattern & cut my resists (I used two) and got to it.
I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing that I was quite suprised to find I was soaking wet! Didnt realise but I was using a not very absorbant towel, and I`d used more water than usual... I must of been leaning against the kitchen surface as I worked - my tummy was soaking wet and the water had run down my right leg & filled my slipper! Yuk! I`ve never made that much mess before, cant believe I didnt notice it.
I think I made the pattern a little bit too big, it took an awful lot to felt it down to head sized (was the size of a bin lid at one point :o) Glad I tried it though, it took 3 hours & I think it looks ok...dont want to mess with it too much though till its dry incase I stretch it.
Im hoping to use my Pure Tinctoria natural dyes tomorow on some yarn that I have mordanted, ready and waiting in a bucket of water in the garage. Think Im going to rainbow dye it, that way I can try out all the colours I have.

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Felted House said...

Can't wait for photos!
I'm very messy, soap flakes and slushy water all over the floor usually xx