Monday, 1 February 2010

Buttons & things

Hi there - hope you`ve had a good weekend! We have had a lovely one, it was my husbands birthday on Saturday, I`ll tell you more about that later :o)

Firstly, heres the promised picture of my fimo buttons! The funny little skull was actually a tiny piece of white fimo left over when I`d finished. I didnt want to put it back in with the packet incase it had been polluted with any traces of colour, or dried out too much so I made a silly skull - I`ll probably give this to Rachael (my 11 year old) to sew onto something... I just dont like waste

Some of them have rhinestones pressed in well, the cupcake sprinkles are glass seed beads pushed well in before baking.

For his birthday Gary played 18 holes of golf in the morning, as he does most Saturdays. One of the men he plays with brought a `Bob the Builder` foil balloon & tied it to his golf trolley while he was inside the clubhouse paying for his round - I would of loved to see him going roung the golf course with his balloon bobbing along behind him :o)

This meant I could spend the morning finishing off his birthday pressy. We have an agreement not to buy expensive presents for each other anyway, have done for years. But I love making presents, its awkard for men though & especially with my hubby cos he doesnt wear hats or scarves. Well I managed to really suprise him this year! I crocheted a little red devil for him. For the last few months we have been smiling over the Virgin media mascot we keep seeing on TV; a really cute little red devil. I decided to have a bash a making one, didnt have a pattern (of course) & in the short time I had I couldnt think how to do his head to allow me to give him an open mouth... of course about an hour after I had finished him I had a eureka moment & figured it out - typical :o) I handed him over as soon as he was finished though so didnt get chance to redo anything... still Gary loves him & thats all that matters, it was just a bit of fun.

Well here he is, sitting on the head of our bed

I cooked Garys favourite meal in the evening; steak, mushrooms, onion rings, tomatoes & chips... with sherry trifle for desert. The steak was delicious - best we have ever had anywhere, I brought it from our freerange butcher about 7 miles down the road - if anybody reading this lives around here & likes freerange meat this butcher is well worth a visit - the service & meats are excellent and the prices much better than freerange at a supermarket! Theres also a great farm shop & plant centre there, they are just outside Kidderminster, on the Stourbridge side - more info on their website here. Ooo yes theres animals too! They have a small herd of alpaca, a couple of sheep & goats plus lots of chickens (some are liberated battery hens) & ducks & some pheasants & peacocks, with a nice picnic area next to the animals. We have spent many a pleasant hour sitting out there in the sun with an icelolly in the summer.

Oh well, time to start working... have a good week :o)


Felted House said...

I'm so impressed with both your buttons (never got on with fimo myself) and the crochet devil - can't believe you made up a pattern so successfully! Glad you had such a good weekend and hope you have a productive week xx

Clare Atfield said...

I love the blue button with the white flower! Gorgeous.

Twiglet said...

Those buttons are lovely - I am tempted to have a go - whereas I couldn't make such a gorgeous little devil if I tried from now till Christmas!! Love him!

FeltersJourney said...

Aah thankyou ladies :o) You`ve all put a massive smile on my face