Saturday, 20 February 2010

Another Silly Goose

:o) Hiya, hope you`re having a nice weekend! This is just a quick one to say YAY Ive finished my 2nd Silly Goose bag! I dont think I shall be making anymore of these for a while, I LOVE them - but they take AGES.

Although - I have a `Silly Goose - Moma Goose` design in mind too :o) It`ll be done at some point. I like variety, I dont like to keep doing the same or similar things one after another... I might felt a cape next week?! We shall see...I do have quite a bit of work on, plus my MOT and a possible teacher training day (I know...dreadfull mother not being sure of the dates :o)


Lined with Kaffe Fasset - Roman Glass

Did you spot my fimo goose foot button?
Well Im gonna love & leave you! We are going out to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday tonight (shhh dont tell her I told you, but shes turning 40 & moderately traumatized by the fact) My wicked husband & I did conser a cake full of candles at the restaurant, or balloons & banners outside the house when she got home from work... but have curbed our naughtyness. Maybe being as we are 36 & 38 our 40th birthdays are coming up and believe me, she WOULD bide her time :o) No truth be told we love her to bits & really dont want to play her up when she is feeling delicate about it. Oooh - exciting tidbit... our pressie to her is a wonderfull custom made necklace by Keiara... once she has it I can post a piccy :o)
Take care - have a good weekend


Clare Atfield said...

Hello! The foot looks like bill too! I love the reddish colour with the material too... good choice ;)

Unknown said...

Ooo Your Silly Goose bag is just gorgeous and yes i saw the button to, its perfect, Have a wonderful night for your sister in-law's birthday xoxoxo

Felted House said...

Lovely splashing goose! Full of character. xx

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls ;o)

Lock Family said...


I've just nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog and hope you will accept it and pass it on. Please see my blog: for more details.

Thanks xx