Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tinkering today

Today I have been tinkering round, sourcing supplies and finishing off long standing UFOs (unfinished objects)... Ive taken photos of one that Im really pleased with! The batteries on the camera went though before I could take anything else... so for now...

This is a cuff Ive been visualising, planning, collecting materials for - for 6 months now!

Doesnt it seam ridiculous that its taken me that long?! Its not like there were a LOT of bits to collect!

I have patched jeans using this sort of random OTT stitching before & love the effect :o) its a bit mad (like me hehe)

These pewter buttons were booty brought back from the Reenactors Fayre in February, they`re really weighty (which I like, you know they are solid & good quality!)

I also wanted to show you what my daughter made for her teacher. The school year ends next week & my little one will be going up to High School (already? my baby?!). She wanted to felt a butterfly for her teacher to hang in the garden... so Sunday she designed it & we got all the necessary stuff together, I got her started & she has created the most beautiful butterfly.

Its not the first one of these that she has made, and I did lend a hand with the rolling - she started feeling iffy & has since come down with what seems to be the flu. Its double sided and measures 14"x9" - I think she did a cracking job. We are going to put it on fishing line so it can hang and look like its floating & fluttering.

OK, off to dish out paracetamol & strepsils to the patient...

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Felted House said...

Beautiful butterfly, hope the teacher is delighted and your daughter feels heaps better soon - what a rubbish time of year to get sick. Your cuff is brilliant, I love that stitching effect. xx