Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My mini felter

My daughter, Rachael, is 11 & tomorow will be finishing Primary School. Over the last week or so she has thought about the teachers she wants to give a special gift to. She`s planned carefully and worked hard... and has created 3 really lovely gifts. She is getting to be a very good little felter!

You saw the butterfly that she felted for her current class teacher a couple of posts ago. Next we felted side by side creating a felted flower bracelet - I made one & Rachael copied me step by step... I enjoyed it at least as much as she did!

This is for the teacher that she had in both year 3 & year 5, and who gave her one-to-one booster sessions last year. She is a lovely young teacher... I can really see her wearing this.

And this is for the Headmaster, who is also leaving the school tomorow (a real shame). A mat to go on his new desk for his cup of tea and plate of biscuits :o) Rachael served on the school council for a couple of years and meetings in the headmasters office usually involved a plate of cookies :o)

In half an hour I am off to the leavers assembly & I just know that Im going to blub all the way through! Feeling veeery emotional at the moment. This is my baby... and at the moment she is still a very young 11...very little girly. I have a feeling she will grow up quickly when she goes to High School... I know my son did and he was always a little man anyway.

OK off to check the camera batteries & find some tissues



Kelly said...

Wonderful creations! She is very talented! I know how you feel, it's always hard when they start growing up. I wish my girls could stay young and sweet forever. Enjoy the assembly and take tons of pictures! :)

Felted House said...

She has made beautiful gifts which are sure to be treasured, I hope she's pleased with the results. I hated my youngest leaving primary, but he was ready and has had a great year at High School. Hard being a mum though through all their continues stages of growing up. xx

Twiglet said...

What a wonderful mini-felter you have there - those gifts are so special. I loved the idea of your swapsie days too - its great to pass on your skills in such lovely ways.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls. Its strange how every now & then you do a double take and realise how much theyve grown up while you were watching...

Rachael is very artistic, and shes a hard worker too bless her :o) Her teachers were thrilled to bits with their gifts. I shall pass on your comments to her, it`ll make her day.