Thursday, 1 July 2010

A feltmaking convert?

Had a wonderfull day yesterday with my friend Nicola, who is a very talented artist, she mostly does painting and illustrates. A couple of weeks ago we decided to have some `swapsie days`- she felts with me & I paint with her... Yesterday was our first swapsie day :o) and Nicci had her first ever experience of felting. We made felted corsages from Liz Houghtons Felting Fashion book (have you noticed that I like that book? :o) It was a lovely girly day with lots of chat & laughter, veggie sausage sandwiches & buckets of tea & lots of fibrey fun! Perfect.

Nicci did a fantastic job! I sent her home with some fibres & bubblewrap so she can play some more... wonder if she will get hooked?

Camera shy!

Close-up of Nics roselike corsage - isnt it lovely

And this ones mine

Im really looking forward to our next swapsie - painting day! I havent painted since I sat my GCSE Art exam 20 years ago! Unless you can count painting the house, or faces onto art dolls - but painting a picture?! I wont know where to begin. I have wanted to paint for a while... so this is good, it`ll make me get on and do it :o) I am NOT promising to share the results though hehe it`ll probably be awfull!
Apologies for the crazy spacing on this post... blogger is behaving rather oddly at the moment - wont let me get it right!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea! Being able to share something you like to do with a friend! Love the flowers you both made!

Steph said...

Gorgeous flowers! Well done both of you!

Lock Family said...

What a great idea. Those flowers are both beautiful x

Unknown said...

How fun, oooo maybe thats what i need, a girly day. Sorry i havent been commenting much Deborah, I've had the winter blues something terrible, but starting to get over it now lol I love all your new work xoxo

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :o)

Karen hope you are feeling back to your normal cheery self soon x

Felted House said...

Those are a really nice style of rose, I spent ages fiddling around with strips of gathered felt to make mine. I bet she'll get hooked, I don't think I know of anyone who's tried it and then hasn't been! xx