Thursday, 15 July 2010

All about dogs!

Ive got a naughty greedy broccoli munching cocker, who has recently discovered my yummy veggies growing! Caught the little bugger green faced - as opposed to red handed (or pawed :o) I didnt manage to get a photo of her unfortunately - she might of got the wrong idea and thought `mom wants her to eat them `cos she is happy` - I really wasnt! Jesse had been watching me harvesting purple sprouting brocolli for dinner... she must of clocked what it was and went back later (when the coast was clear) to help herself. The trick is keeping her out of it now, shes a sneaky madam. Im gonna be in trouble when the tomatoes start to ripen... Jess luuurves tomatoes!

A friend of Garys has just had a litter of springer spaniels born... we`ve been able to `hand down` lots of puppyish equipment; whelping box, puppy pen & heat lamp etc... its nice that they are being used!

Hearing about their adventure is bringing back lots of memories of our lovely puppies... Amber, our golden girl had 3 gorgeous boys a couple of years ago. And since I dont have any other photos to share with you today & Im feeling distinctly nostalgic about my boys, thought Id share them with you :o)

Left to right; Alfie, George & Rolly
This was when they were 8 weeks old
It was such a lovely feeling cuddling an armload full of warm happy puppies! Calling them and hearing their paws scrambling as they came running, little tails waggin` like crazy... lovely.


krex said...

An arm full of puppies is pretty much my idea of heaven .

Unknown said...

aaahh my first dog was a buff Cocker Spaniel. Loved that crazy dog! Sorry to hear about your veggies...never heard of a dog who liked broccoli! :)

Felted House said...

Those puppies are adorable - and I'm a cat person! I never realised dogs stole vegetables, hope you manage to protect them from her! xx