Thursday, 10 February 2011

Nettle for Fibre by John-Paul Flintoff - "Through the Eye of a Needle"

This video has just been posted on one of my yahoo fibre groups... I really enjoyed it... and yet another book is now added to my wish list!

I dont fancy trying felting with nettles (ha ha), but as a spinning fibre I`ve been pretty interested for a few years - who knows I may get round to experimenting this year! 

What John-Paul says applies just as much to wool & linen as nettles I think.   For someone like me with a fascination in social history, heritage crafts AND the environment, this promises to be an interesting read.  And, maybe a bit of a much needed prod (in my case) toward using even more of my local natural materials.

Next post is a felty one ...... promise :)

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