Saturday, 12 February 2011

February Felt..

OK, so I promised a felty post this time :)   I have been felting nearly every day working out a Spring / Summer range for my Etsy shop.. 

Im pleased with what Ive got so far, there is the Spring bag - you saw the prototype a few weeks ago.  After tweeking the resist Ive now got finished bags.  I LOVE these, they take a good 10 hours of work time, plus I dry them completely at prefelt stage so I can machine stitch the bottom, so the quickest I can make these is in 2 days. 

Veeery similar to the original, but the shape is just how I wanted it now.
 I thought I had a photo of the Love Spring bag too (ecru merino with heart inlays) - but I haven't, and its almost dark now, so I shall have to wait to take photos tomorow.  Never mind, I shall post them next time.

I have also made some hip bags!  I made myself one of these last year & I LOVE it, it always draws compliments when I wear it so I decided to make some more.  So far Ive made 2 roughly the same size & shape as mine, and one which is slightly bigger.

Apologies for the close ups of me bum - its the only way to show how they sit (oh for a dressmakers dummy!)
This is the bigger one (above).  About half way through the felting process - at the time that I cut the resist out, I added some simple embroidery stitches in tapestry wool which felted in nicely as I carried on.  Got loads of lovely sari silk fibre in here too (how much do I love sari silk?   A LOT!)

Loads of sari silk fibre, and sari ribbons felted in to this one.  I love the colourfull sari silks against the  vibrant lilac & pink merino

  A crashing wave with throwsters waste silk surf. 
Gary challenged me to felt a wave... so I felted it onto a hip bag.The cord belt has a BFL tuft at the end & mohair locks plus lots of silks felted in... I formed a loop section in the cord and added 3 sea worn limpet shells (from last summers holiday :) as I was felting it.  Just need to find time for listing thing now lol.

I've felted a lovely summery nuno wrap but havent any photos yet.  I really do need to get a dressmakers dummy to display things nicely!  I'm planning to have a go at making my own, they are just too expensive for me to buy one.  Hopefully should be doing that over the next week or two so watch this space :)

What else has been going on?  Well Gary worked away for a couple of days... I thought I'd get lots done while he was away (as I could carry on working after the kids went to bed guilt free)  didnt seem to happen though.  I did carry on working late, but didnt seem to get much more done than I would normally. 

We gained a new fishy friend - Rachael has named him Bob.  He's a VERY lucky little fish.  Gary found him in an empty house he was inspecting, the people had moved out at the begining of December and left him behind.  Amazing that he is alive and healthy after 2 months without food!  (Of course for all we know he may of had a couple of buddies to begin with.. he was all on his own when found.  He settled straight into our tank, is really playful with the other fish and growing fast now that he is eating. 

Bob is the second fish that has come to us in this way - our very first fish had been abandoned on an outdoor balcony in a carrier bag!  I do not know how people can do these things!  This first fishy was named Hannibal (the cannibal) no prizes ford guessing how he survived! But again he was a lovely peaceful & friendly fish, we had him for years.

OK, time to go cook :)


Shani said...

Love the Felt and what you have done with it... the colours are beautiful and the bags are very well crafted..
Best wishes

Kelly said...

The baga all look great! I REALLY like the wave that you felted. I bought some sari silk to try out with some of my pouches-I hope mine turn out as wonderful as yours!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :) Kelly Im sur your will be GORgeous! Shani, how did you get on with your felting kit?


Gnomead said...

Gorgeous colours, especially love the lilac and pink bag. We used to have fish but our ones kept mysteriously disappearing when we had been out for the day!! The last one did die looking very fat though!!

Karen said...

Beautiful Bags Deborah, i love the first grey one and your hip bags are Gorgeous, i could do with one of those :)
I've really missed you and so glad i'm back xoxo

ruthie said...

Deborah, i do like your bags, especially the grey one, just my colours! Beautiful, wow you have been busy. Poor we fish, how could folk be so cruel! but he has found a lovely new home at last x