Saturday, 26 February 2011

A week in photos...

So, the children go back to school on Monday... and what have we done?  Not a lot is the honest answer.  My son came down with a heavy cold last Monday, which he very generously passed on to me.  Quite effectively scuppering all of our plans for the week; didnt want to visit and make anybody ill, and didnt have the energy for the outings or projects we were going to do.  At least we had the leisure to do nothing without feeling guilty about it though!

We did get a nice sunny day (just the one!) and I got my daughter to model the Faerie Shawl... it is a little large on her, but I`m sure she is dreaming of proms & faerie balls - fancy dresses & frilly wraps :)

I started to sort out my craft room into new storage boxes to give me more room (I hope).  While sorting I came across 2 lots of fibre that I had dyed about 3 years ago... and done nothing with.  There was a carrier bag with just under 200g dyed merino in that had become so compressed it was almost felted.. pretty much unusable as it was.  So I teased it apart & run it through the drum carder :) adding in sprinkles of sari silk fibre... ended up with 2 decent batts - what a fantastic machine!

Which, over the next couple of days I spun into 2 nice skeins

Rachael has, so far, managed to avoid catching the lurgy (she had it a couple of weeks ago).  So of course she needed entertaining.  The other dyed fleece I discovered came in useful here.  It was dyed using Tinctoria Natural Dyes; madder & I think calendula.  Rach helped me put it through the drum carder (which she LOVES) and we carded a batt of brown Shetland cross that I have cleaned  & waiting to be spun.  We split the batts into long thin sections and Rachael has woven a panel on the peg loom

Its more or less 18" square.  The plan was to turn it into a chushion cover... I hope that it works, I think it should.  Just need to find a suitable fabric for the cushion back.

And thats our week...  Im off to find a cup of tea and some quiet (Matthew is now better & has put his music on..only quietly bless him, but its echoing in my head)


FeltFinland said...

Ditto here, a half term week full of coughs and colds! I did manage a bit of carding, very therapeutic I must say!

Heather Woollove said...

Deborah--I love your Faerie Shawl and your absolutely GORGEOUS new yarn!!! (Even while ill, you still manage to create beautiful things!)
I hope you are well and truly on the mend, and will be back to feeling like yourself before long! XXO-

Unknown said...

Deborah your Faerie Shawl is gorgeous and looks so beautiful on your Daughter
I love those yarns to, i hope your feeling much better soon xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my word - utter gorgeousness! :)
Glad you had a good, if not well, week and I'm very much looking forward to Friday. You may have to get me evicted! ;) LoL!