Friday, 18 February 2011

Felting Faerie Fashion :)

Got to be quick with this one... time is getting away from me again - Im sure its speeding up!

Wednesday my fibres still hadnt arrived.  But lying in bed on Tuesday night I suddenly felt the need to create a cobweb wrap fit for a faerie.  Possibly because I had been looking at the Glastonbury Faerie Ball on the internet that evening..

So, as soon as the kids were packed off to school I started setting up &  laying out.  I was really in the zone that day - had the incense burning & soft music playing...
How much did I wish that I had table room big enough for this?!
I decided on soft pink & white merino, with creamy tussah silk & ice white firestar to add magic sparkles.  Just one fine layer of fibre to keep it light, etherial.  Less fibre of course means more shrinkage so this needed to start out BIG.  As you see, I had to work on the floor & it even outgrew my piece of lino I use to protect the floor from water!  It started out 3 meters x 1 meter.

Simple leaves cut from mawata silk hankies
I cut 19 leaves from silk hanky and scattered them across the surface... just let them drift down and felted them wherever they lay.
The silk leaves really melted into the felt.. they look lovely.  Next time I will dye them a nice soft colour first though I think.
The problem with working on something this huge & also delicate.. on the floor! is my sad deficiency in the art of levitation!  OMG my muscles were aching after this.  Fortunately when it was rolled up I could transfer it to the table for rolling.

Now Im really happy with it - but I havent got a good photo to show you yet!  Im hoping to get my girlie to model it, hopefully on a dry sunnyish day.. (not hoping for much hey?)  OR, I may be sucessfull in my construction of a dressform - you never know.

My new fibres did arrive early yesterday, so with muscles already aching from the day before I set out to felt another wrap!  This one is a nuno wrap, which again has started out pretty big.  It took nearly 5 hours just to lay the fibre.. and after a couple of hours rolling I was just so shatter I decided to stand the roll in a bowl & leave it over night.  Im about to go work on it some more now..

Have a good weekend x


martine said...

that's really beautiful
thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

The colors are so sweet! I cannot wait to see the wrap that took 5 hours to lay out! :) Love your work!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you Martine & Kelly :)

Kelly, theres somethin' about this nuno wrap... its seemed to take aaaages every step of the way. Its doing a spin cycle right now, wonder if I'll be happy with it now..

Unknown said...

I hope you post it when you are done! I am in need of some serious inspiration!