Sunday, 22 March 2015

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse, Spring Equinox and Super Moon with FELT

This was a rather exciting week here in the UK.. not only was Friday the Spring Equinox (and what a wonderful first day of Spring it was!) but we had a solar eclipse.. also on Friday, preceded by a super moon on the Thursday night.

I decided to honour the heavens with my work on Thursday and Friday.. making a vest, similar to the Jacobs one in the last post but different..

For this one I used black and white Shetland fibre with lots of Wensleydale locks.  I had a clear idea in my mind.. and had scribbled a quick sketch on a scrap of paper the night before :)  I wanted an eclipsed sun motif on the back, a silvery silk mother moon riding just above the heart, locks fringing the collar front and bottom edges and white Shetland lines running up from the bottom.

Quick planning sketch
I decided to use just 2 layers this time so it will be a more supple felt than the Jacobs.. white on the inside natural black outside.

Front: laying out one side, wetted then covered with bubble wrap
Front: laying out second side to overlap the first.
I decided to add white lines running in from the arm hole here..
designs almost always evolve en route :)
Back: building the eclipsing sun motif
Well rolled.. armholes have been cut and healed..
still loads of shrinkage left to go 
After rolling for ages (don't ask me how long.. 2, 3 hours) I added more heat and
started alternating throwing, massaging and rolling.. while trying it on Sally from time to time to check the fit and
see which bits needed more work
Drying.  The silk full moon  and the white line details show up just how I hoped :)
 An eclipsed sun  from prefelt and Wensleydale locks
How I LOVE curly locks!

I'm planning to add a branch button closure this week.. I'll post an update with all the buttoned vests / jackets later in the week :)



Terriea Kwong said...

Good shape and beautiful texture. Love so much your explanation of sorts of wool. Great help for our making. Thanks for sharing.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Terrie :) Glad it's helpful xx