Monday, 16 March 2015

Long Jacobs Vest

Last week I felted a long vest from Jacobs wool in natural brown, grey and white..  And I was a good girl.. I SAMPLED the fibre before beginning :)  So a year spent doing 'Fibre of the Month' really has paid off and taught me a lesson is seems :)

JACOBS sample
As with last years samples this was 3 layers laid down over a 20cm x 20cm square and fully felted.

Finished size: 13cm x 17cm
Shrinkage: 35% x 15%

SO.. time to begin :)  I wanted this vest to be long.. to be the same thickness as the back on my knit & felt Jacobs vest.. and to have the same motif on the back.  I also wanted a curly wensleydale lock fringe around the bottom, so decided to make it open ended. 

The resist was almost 5ft long from shoulder to hem.. though I had allowed a couple of inches extra to stop the locks from tangling and felting.

Laying out the front..
I laid out one side, then I put bubble wrap over
and laid out the other side to overlap the first
The back with design and curly locks

I couldn't remember how many fibre layers I used for the back of my knit/felt vest, so I guessed at 3 layers..  But this felt feels quite a bit firmer/thicker than that.  The previous jacobs felt was made from a fleece I had cleaned and carded.. and the batts split into quite fluffy layers.  I'm wondering whether I had in fact only used 2 layers.. or whether it's a difference in the fibre itself.. if the first lot was softer/finer..   I'm not sure.

But the shrinkage was just what I expected from the sample!  Always good news :)  It took 650 grams of fibre to felt this.. I did trim the front flaps  and arm holes though.. probably lost a few grams there.

It reaches to a couple of inches above my knee

Just needs a couple of nice buttons..
big branch ones I am thinking..
I love curly locks :)
Pleased with the stand up collar too..  first time I've felted one in 
I must be a bit masochistic because I can't help thinking it would make a nice coat if I added sleeves.. what do you think?


Ellen said...

Ooh I love that as it is but it would look stunning with sleeves too. As a matter of interest, how much fleece did it take?

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Ellen :)

It took just under 650 grams.. I'm glad you asked, I should of put that in the post really.. off to do it now :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

beautiful! Thanks for the play by play...always helpful to see photos. It must be very warm and cozy!

Dotty Hen said...

Your vest is absolutely gorgeous- it looks very elegant as it is but I can imagine it would look good wiith sleeves too. What a dilemma!
How wide is your felting table? I would love to do a seamless vest but don't think my table would be wide enough :(

Unknown said...

Lovely vest, Would make a wonderful coat, but then I live in Chicago…Brrrr

I admire your work and hope you will continue to post even though it’s been a year since you began!


Lyn said...

I dunno Deborah - I like the line of the vest - I'm wondering if sleeves would take away the simple elegance? It's very beautiful.

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and advise! I really appreciate it!

Thanks Kerry, yes it will be a warm one :)

Dotty, my table is 8ft by 4ft.. when I had a smaller table I used to use a bamboo blind that was the same width as the longest edge of my table, and run it along the shortest edge so it hung over on each - making a wider work area. It was a bit of a pain for rubbing, shuffling it around on the table to support the bit I was working on, but when it came time for rolling it was fine (rolling from the long edge). It wasn't ideal but it was a way around a problem :)

Thanks Kat :) I'm not sure what you mean about it being a year since I began.. I post as often as I am able, I try for at least 2 or 3 posts a month. I post more frequently on my Facebook (FeltersJourney) but they are very brief.. you're welcome to join me there :)

Lyn I like the line of the vest too.. which is why it's a tough decision. I think the thickness of it lends itself to becoming a jacket though. Think I'm going to add sleeves and hope for the best - I can always take them back off if I don't like 'em :)