Monday, 18 January 2016

In with the new..

Last time I made a mad hatter top hat I had a thought for a new resist shape.. Since I have a couple of upcoming hat projects I decided to try out my idea on this first experiment.  I was going to use white merino for my trial run, but decided to use my scraps batts instead :)

This should be fun!  No knowing what will happen with all the crazy colours.. will they go muddy? Or make my heart sing?  

My 3 wildly colourful batts..
Mostly red toned batt for the inner layer
Mostly purple toned batt for the 2nd layer
The 3rd and outer layer is the middle batt in the top photo
Turned inside out; rubbing the top of the hat to strengthen and shape it
Drying out :)
I added a little weight to the brim to keep it flat
I LOVE how the colours are looking!  It is somewhat taller than I had envisioned though :)  Going to have to wait a little while to be finished off properly, I am looking for the perfect (to me) band.. I'll post about it again when I finish off.

My old hat on the right shows the height I expected to get :)
For my new resist I used the same height in between the brim and where I thought the top began.. and just generally tinkered with the shape.  Turns out more of the height must of been drawn over to make the wide top than I realised with the old resist.  Next step is to make another new resist.. but shorter :)  I do love the shape and look of the hat I made.. but it's too tall for a slider, and too similar to others that are already out there!


Heather Woollove said...

It's so interesting, isn't it, how one small alteration can make such a big difference in the finished project?!?

Teri Berry said...

Love it! The colours are gorgeous!

FeltersJourney said...

Yeah it's quite surprising sometimes Heather.. I didn't expect this I must admit :) x

Thanks Teri x

Els said...

isn't it also about the on even amount of layers ???
and the direction you laid them ?

I always use 4 (or 6)

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Els, absolutely!
Not a factor here though.. I always use 3 layers, laid in the same orientation for hats :) I expect them to shrink more one way than the other and allow for it (I had one monumental disaster where I laid them out the wrong way and had a hat fit for a giant lol - short and wide).
I often go for an even number of layers too for the same reason.. but I like the weight and feel of a 3 layer hat.

Ali said...

OOh fantabulous hat - a real head statement! The colours are fab- and all from compost!!
Ali x