Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Something new for 2016

Last year as you know there were times when I was really down and struggled for inspiration.. I often found myself staring at my fibres and wondering what on earth to do with them.  I know this is because I've been struggling against depression.. I have a strong feeling 2016 is going to be another hard year.  

SO..  what to do?  I've joined Ruthie Redden's 'Sketch a Day' group on Facebook.. but my 'sketches' are going to be felt or stitch on felt - I know I shan't have time to join in for each subject but look forward to the ones I do.  I think that little nudge.. the suggestion of a random topic leading to a couple of hours of light hearted 'play' will be good for me.

Week one's subject: ROUNDS

I had a local Jacobs batt left over from my knit/felt vest
.. added some prefelt cut outs
I like it's simplicity like this,
but think I may go back and stitch it when I have time

I enjoyed playing :)


Teri Berry said...

I like the simplicity of this piece too, do you have any idea what you will do with these pieces? If you make several every week, you will have tons in no time!

Charlotte said...

Deborah, I had not connected it with being you at all. I was delighted a fellow felter had joined and loved these "round" explorations.

Heather Woollove said...

It's lovely, Deborah! I think if expanded, it could make a wonderful wall hanging!!
(You've had a lot on your plate lately...anyone would be a bit blue. Try to take good care of yourself (eating right and exercising) and let your
sweet family help, too. They are dears.)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Teri :) I think it's once a week this year.. I probably won;t join in every week. Imagine if I did.. 52 random felt pictures lol :) x

Hi Charlotte, I didn't know there was another felter on board either - I was really happy when Ruthie said it was open to all media :) x

Thanks Heather.. I am and they are :) (Keeping me sane that is) xx

Gill Ambler said...

What a great idea! Thinking of you Deborah xx