Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Finishing my 'Slider' Hat

I have finally finished today! Yay :)  As this is my salute to Marc Bolan's Mad Hatter on the cover of The Slider album (which was a stitched together leather hat pictured a few posts back):

I added decorative stitching to echo the functional stitches..
up the back
And around the inside of the crown -
and a little daisy flower .. just because :)
I cut the hat band from a lovely slate blue leather and paired it with
some nickel black stud rivets (screw back)
I love the studs :)
We were just about to have a heavy rainstorm when I took this so the light was weird,
the washed out look to the colours reminds me of how old colour photos look.

If you think I look worried here I was a bit :) the wind kept buffeting my kindle as
I tried to take a photo.. it was strong enough to almost blow it out of my hand!
In the song he says:
'and when I'm sad
I slide'

I did toy with the idea of embroidering the lyric on the hat.. what do you think? Lyric or no?  It's 'Slider' enough without anything that obvious isn't it?  I think I may crumple the crown a little.. see how that looks.

This is a happy hat :)  Short version to follow soon hopefully.

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Annie and Lyn said...

It's beautiful and perfect just as it is. Love the colour blend, and the hand stitching.