Friday, 15 January 2016

Inspiration.. no knowing where it will strike

My lovely son (who is 19 today!)  absolutely spoiled me rotten for my birthday and Christmas..  First of all he brought me a gorgeous retro record player in a small GREEN leather case :) for my birthday.. with a Lynard Skynyrd LP (LOVE them both!)  

And then for Christmas he gave me a T-Rex LP!  I have a soft spot for T-Rex.. after all I was named after one of their hits :)  Deborah.  I think it must of Marc Bolan's performance and charm rather than the lyrics that appealed to my mom :)  I'll have to dig out the 1968 vinyl single at mom and dads.. Matt will get a kick out of seeing / hearing that.

He was a handsome man..
But what do you think REALLY caught me eye? :)
This hat is SOoooo coooool!

I just have to felt some SLIDER hats :)  Well.. inspired by it anyway, mine will be actually be seamless.

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