Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Botany Batts to Hats

Last week I brought 500g of Botany Waste from World of Wool; it's a lucky dip bag full of odds 'n ends - each bag is different.  The reason I brought it was simply to try and replicate the random batts I get when I card everything in my fibre compost bin.  When I try and 'do it myself' just picking what I think are odd colours from my stash.. they just end up looking muddy.. or plain wrong.

Freshly tumbled out of the bag :)
There was even some baby camel fibre in there (that's what I think it was anyway)
.. gorgeously soft!

Carding :)  so relaxing..

4 batts.. I love the blue/brown combo.. really remind me of the Atlantic coast
I couldnt help sorting just a little.. there was such a nice potential combination with the blues, greys, white and browns.  So I have the 'Atlantic' batts, and the others are manly brown with shots of brightly coloured wool top and tussah silk with multicoloured firestar for sparkly.. Bonfire Night batts :)

I was just itching to get started on my next SLIDER hat.. so, even though it was past lunch time, I started..

First layer
Second layer - white Finn wool for more body
Third layer
Nearly there :)  It was sever hours past sunset at this point!
After rinsing, spinning and blocking.. this is what I got up to next morning
Big smiles from me :)
Yesterday I added the decorative stitching..
tomorrow the band will go on
I spent today felting another Slider using the Bonfire batts - to follow soon :)

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