Monday, 8 February 2016

And now a SHORT Slider :)

As I mentioned the first attempt at a 'Slider Hat' was rather taller than I had planned.  Even though I like how it looks, I wanted something which was a bit less of a vertical dynamo :)  

So, here goes..

1st job.. work out the new resist..
New short resist on top of the one I used for the tall Slider
I used the leftover batts from making the Tall Slider..
1st fibre layer - this is the batt which was 
on the OUTside of the Tall Slider
2nd fibre layer - this was the middle 
layer last time too
3rd fibre layer - this one was on the INside 
of the tall Slider
 I didn't take photos of the felting process.. but you've seen it a few times by now :)

Using the tool I made at pottery class last year 
to firm the brim
I use the edge on the handle of my scissors to 
work the crease between crown and brim.. 
make it nice and crisp.
Drying.. with the brim weighted down 
at front and back
Light blue woollen yarn for simple 
decorative stitching.  A couple of incidental 
daisy flowers on this one
Same finishing touches as last time
(I love these studs :)
Height comparison:
The short one is 2" shorter than the tall
Not feeling photogenic today :)

Dancing in the rain :)


Kerry O'Gorman said...

The Mad Hatter strikes again! Lovely work. I adore the way you use whats at hand for keeps things real and down to earth!

FeltersJourney said...

Oh I like being the Mad Hatter Kerry :) Thank you!
Keepin it real, that's me :) x