Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fibre and Thread Stitching - Week 4

Theme - Pattern

Mmmmm the possibilities :)  I wanted straight away to do 'something Celtic' .. but I do love zen doodles too..

Sunday morning I had a couple hours free.. so I doodled :)
But I still had a Celtic Beastie in mind begging to be made..

I totally cheated by tracing the beastie out of a Celtic
design source book :)
I sandwiched iridescent organza between the paper and
white felt and pinned.
Free machine embroidering over the lines in the drawing..
All main lines are 'drawn'  just pattern detailing to go..
I carefully pulled the paper away now - the stitches perforate
the paper so it tears away easily.. just need to go round with tweezers
getting tiny bits out afterwards
The back side
Front.  All stitched, organza still intact
Carefully snipping away the excess organza close to the stitch line
Now I'm picturing bags with beasties on the flaps.. or running up and over the straps..  Not just yet though, maybe later in the year.


Teri Berry said...

I love the organza combined with FME, that is so effective! Looking forward to seeing your bags with beasties, they sound great! :)

Gill Ambler said...

Just wow!! Fabulous, Deborah!

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you both very much :) xx

Annie and Lyn said...

Love the beastie!